How to Deal With a Boss With Unrealistic Expectations

Dealing with an overly demanding boss is something that you want to avoid. But what if there is no other choice ?! Learn how to can handle your boss !

It’s never ideal to be working for a boss that is extremely demanding. You and your boss will get easily disappointed with each other because you can’t meet his incredibly high expectations. Likewise, you get disappointed in him because you know that he can’t understand how this is making you feel. But, there is no point sitting there doing nothing about it. It’s time to take action. If you want to improve the situation with your boss at work here’s what you need to do.

1. Think About Why Your Boss is So Demanding

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Perhaps this will allow you to see things from his perspective and understand why he is feeling anxious about work. There has to be a reason why your boss puts so much pressure on you. Maybe many people in higher positions are putting a lot of pressure on him as well and as such he is not able to control his demanding behavior. Before you go and confront him, make sure that you understand the situation so that you can handle it the right way.

2. Talk With Your Colleagues

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Your colleagues are probably in the same situation, so you can and should talk to them about it. Just make sure you are not talking about your boss’s behavior in a negative way. Instead, focus on what can be done and ask your peers for advice. Some of them are likely to be more experienced in these situations and might give you some pointers as to what you can do; whether this means that you have to face your boss directly, have a group discussion with him and other employees or change the way you work to meet with his demands.

3. Make a List of Things You Don’t Like

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Before you decide what to do or talk to your boss, create a list of the things that you believe make your work harder than it has to be. Write down on a piece of paper what kinds of requests or demands you think are unrealistic and make a point to discuss these with your boss. Tell him why and how you find completing your work so hard and help him realise that sometimes what he is asking is not humanly possible. For example, when there is a deadline on Monday morning and assigns you the job on Friday night, how can you possibly finish this on time? Give your boss examples so that he understands what the fuss is all about.

4. Let Your Boss Know

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Tell your boss that he is pushing too hard, and you can’t handle it anymore. Explain how it is slowly killing you and your colleague's morale. It’s important for him to understand the situation because even though he believes having high standards drives success, most of the time having unrealistic expectations from other people kills productivity and progress.

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When you have to deal with a boss with unrealistic expectations, not only is your work affected but also your overall satisfaction and morale. How would you deal with a boss like this? Let me know in the comments section below…