Is Your Workaholic Lifestyle Ruining Your Relationship?

Do you work more than 40 hours a week? Do you respond to emails and phone calls after hours when you've left work? If so, then you are probably a workaholic.

There’s nothing wrong with choosing to spend countless hours working because you simply love what you do. If, however, this lifestyle negatively affects your relationships then you should work on balancing your priorities.

Leave Work at Work

Sure the receptionist was extremely rude, the intern had no idea what he was doing and you hate that your co-workers leave the break room a complete mess, but don’t complain about it all day. It makes sense that when we are under stress we want to vent; we need to be listened to. The problem is that our loved ones will obviously sympathise with us, but we expect them to offer real solutions when they’re not in the position to do so. It gets annoying to our spouse when all we do is talk about the problems instead of relishing the fact that we’re with someone we love.

Solution: Ask them about their day. Let them know that you care about what's going on with them, rather than blabbing about your problems.

What You’re Missing Out On

What are you losing out on by not switching off your work mode? How about spending quality time with your partner and friends. According to the third level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a person needs to feel a sense of belongingness and love. Without this one level, you can feel less motivated and have a tough time truly feeling comfortable with yourself. Socialisation is extremely important because it allows you to have a support system. When things go bad or if you need help with something, you’ll have a close network of people that will make you feel noticed and cared for.

Solution: Call or text a few close friends and schedule a night out on the town with them and your spouse. Your partner will be thrilled that you wanted to go out, and your friends will be glad to spend time with you.


You’re constantly back and forth dealing with meetings and co-workers, you grab things on the go and usually scoff down fast-food. We all know that eating healthy is important because it not only makes us feel great emotionally, but also physically. Meaning that we would feel better about ourselves if we had a chicken salad, compared to a cheeseburger with fries. You may wonder what this has to do with your relationship, but bear with me. Let’s say this goes on for a few months. When we get home and want to be with our partners, we may feel groggy and kind of uncomfortable. You may not want to have dinner with them or really be around too much. They may inadvertently take our actions as you’re not as interested anymore. It really depends on how standoffish you’re being and how you spouse responds to certain actions.

Solution: Eat better, and indulge during dinner. Having dinner together after work is the best way to connect with each other. It’s like family dinners, it really allows you to talk about everything that happened during the day and enjoy the time spent together.

If you happen to be a workaholic or you’re in a relationship with one, don’t’ forget to take the time out to connect with your loved one and let them know how you feel. This reassurance will make things better during your relationship. A partnership only flourishes when two-way communication is at its very best.