How to Know Which Career Path to Choose as a Student


Choosing your career path is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make in your life! As a teenager, you probably have no idea in which directions your true passions lie. You may not know what jobs will make you happy, what subjects interest you the most or where you want to invest most of your time. So, what do you do?

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If you’re struggling to choose a career path as a student, here’s what you need to know:

1. Consider Your Interests

What things interest you the most right now? Are you an artist, a person looking to make money, someone good at interacting with others or excellent at research? Think about the skills and talents you currently have, and where they could be invested.

Are you organized?

  • Are you excellent at business?
  • Do you have an inquiring mind?
  • Do you accomplish things well?
  • Are you good with others?
  • Are you artistic?

Think about the above questions and then check out this DePaul article. There you’ll find some excellent information on career choices for you according to your interests and skills!

2. Think About Life Goals

What are your plans in life? Are you interested in traveling the world? Do you want to buy a house and start a family? Is your goal to be the most successful version of you possible?

In order to choose a career, you need to think about what goals you have in life. Finding a career suited to your life goals is the smart way to go!

For example:

  • If your goal is to travel the world, you don’t want a fast-paced, demanding job like financial analytics or sales. You want a more flexible job, such as photography, art, or journalism.
  • If your goal is to start a family, you want a stable job with good opportunity for growth, such as accounting, legal, business administration, or psychology.
  • If you want to be highly successful in your field, you need to find careers that offer excellent opportunities for advancement, such as medicine, politics, art, or science.

It’s all about choosing a career that will help you achieve what you really want in life!

3. Consider Your Values

What things really matter to you? Are you all about the pursuit of happiness, no matter what, or are you the kind of person who feels that making money is the key to freedom? Do you hold certain beliefs about the world, humanity, the environment, politics or society above everything else?

To really be happy at your job, you need to find one that is in line with your life values.  Take inventory of what really matters to you and use that to find your career path!

4. Take an Aptitude Test

If you want to know what careers you are currently best-suited for, you’ll want to take a career aptitude test. Rasmussen College has made an excellent aptitude test for you to take. You’ll be able to find out what jobs you are best suited for, where your skills truly can lead you, and what may be your ideal career options.

The test is really quite simple! All you have to do is give a rating on the following things:

  • Your artistic nature
  • Your interpersonal skills
  • Your communication abilities
  • Your managerial prowess
  • Your mathematics aptitude
  • Your mechanical ingenuity
  • Your science knowledge

Rate all of these seven things from ‘None’ to ‘High’, and you will be presented with a list of jobs accordingly. Adjust the rating and the list of jobs will change. Finding a job thanks to this aptitude test is VERY easy!

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

Ultimately, choosing a career is a challenge, but it can be done! The resources above will make the selection process just a bit easier.

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How did you choose your career path? Leave a comment below and let us know…