How Employers With Reward and Recognition Schemes Can Improve Your Career

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If we continuously work hard to build and develop in our job we can reach new heights in our career. No question. But that’s on our good days.

No matter how hard we work each day to progress and develop our career, from the passion we give to the hours we put in, there will always be those difficult times (days, week, or even months) when we need a bit of a nudge. That is, something to motivate us, push us to keep going, working hard and aiming high.

Recognising and Rewarding Your Hard Work

A little nudge, or even a big push, is what a good reward and recognition programme can give you. It’s a scheme which basically allows an employer to recognise and then reward an employee’s hard work.

Working for a company that has an incentives programme in place, which recognises and then rewards people's hard work can help you do two key things: build your skills, and also set out and achieve your goals. Two factors that are essential for career progression.   

Building Skills

The key to building skills at work has a lot to do with training and development. A rewards and recognition programme can play a big part in this. It doesn’t just encourage you, the employee, to complete additional training. It also pushes you to study new skills more in depth, sooner and faster.

Some employers have incentive programmes that encourage their staff to learn skills by setting them up as a company competition. For instance, a training programme to build advanced IT skills can be set as a competition, involving a series of tests, with a £100 gift voucher as the prize. The first employee in the company who successfully completes the training programme to a certain level wins the voucher.

As well as building your skills quickly, adding an impressive achievement to your CV, like winning a knowledge-based company competition, can say a lot about you as an employee. It suggests you work hard, you’re dedicated to your role, you get involved in key activities outside of your job description, and that you like to be challenged.

Goal Setting

Setting your goals during your time in a job is a key factor to progressing, which can lead to promotions and some big job opportunities along the way. A good rewards and recognition programme can help with this by setting out important goals for you, whether over several months or a couple of years down the line. This could include goals like successfully working closely with a key client, leading a big team project, or giving a presentation to company directors.

Employees can be further motivated to achieve these types of goals with a range of attractive rewards. While some companies might reward staff achievements with a simple thank you, like a personal ecard from the managing director, others might provide a prize as the incentive. This could include an experience day, a city break, or a team trip abroad.

A rewards and recognition programme like this could be set up with your line manager or company HR representative. Reviews can also be conducted with them to regularly monitor your progress, discuss new goals, and check you’re on target to achieve them in the future.

Keeping You in Mind and Standing Out

Essential areas of job development, like building skills and achieving goals, can be the key to helping give you what you need to advance your career faster, more efficiently and effectively. A good rewards and recognition programme with Corporate Rewards can allow you to focus on these areas, from your day-to-day work through to your long-term role development. It can also give you that all-important nudge – motivating you to work harder while pushing you on those days when you need it most.

So, when thinking about the next step in your career, it’s worth considering a business that offers a staff incentives programme, like a rewards and recognition scheme. The idea of bringing this kind of scheme to your current company could also be something to discuss with your manager.

With the help of that nudge, your continuous development and progression at work can make you stand out from your colleagues, keeping you on the minds of your manager and company directors. Meanwhile, outside of work, it can allow you to strengthen your CV with impressive achievements that help you stand out from the crowd, and make your potential future employer sit up and pay attention. As a result, when it comes to your career, all this should help you get to where you want to be.

Does your company have a rewards and recognition scheme? Is it effective? Let us know in the comments section below...




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