How to Shine as an Introvert in the Workplace

As an introvert, you have several struggles in the workplace that sometimes make it difficult to excel and stand out from more extroverted coworkers. However, there are several steps that you could take during your work day to demonstrate your specific worth as an effective employee. This article will address how you can shine as an introvert in the workplace.

1. Talk About Yourself

Okay, so you are not going to talk about yourself all the time. That would become an uncomfortable situation for both you and your coworkers. However, you need to find a way to become more comfortable with standing up for yourself and your abilities. There are people that never stop talking, without saying anything important or relevant, so you can definitely find lots of interesting things to say about yourself. If you want your manager to notice you, sometimes you actually need to speak up at team meetings and share your point of view. Work on developing public speaking skills and drumming up the courage to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to interacting in the workplace.

2. Demonstrate Ambition

Many times because introverted people don’t necessarily speak up and talk as frequently as extroverted individuals, they may fall through the cracks and not stay in the vantage point of their boss. If you want to shine in the workplace, it is vital that you find ways to demonstrate your ambition. One way that you can exhibit this drive is to take the time to stay in continual communication with your manager and ask to be included in new team projects or work on individual assignments that are in addition to your current job responsibilities.

3. Exceed Expectations

Another way that you can shine as an introvert in the workplace is to perform your job to your optimal abilities and continually work to exceed expectations. An observant manager will notice an employee who is working diligently and constantly trying to improve and develop as a professional. Take an introspective look at your own specific skillsets and abilities that you incorporate into your daily work responsibilities and find a way to make them better. Utilize your mindset of diligently processing information and work at continually thinking outside the box to demonstrate to your boss why you are an invaluable employee.

4. Embrace Break Time

The final way that you can shine as an introvert in the workplace is to embrace break time and ensure that you let yourself be alone during the day. Accept and embrace the need for introverts to reenergize and reactivate their mindset by taking a break and being alone. When you indulge in some “me time” during your lunch or coffee breaks, you will regroup and be able to recharge your mind and body to continue to work diligently and effectively throughout the day.

If you’re an introvert, what have you done to try to shine in the workplace? Have any of these steps worked to demonstrate your special qualities as an introverted employee? Let us know in the comments section below.