Special Skills to Put on a Police Application

police application

The role of police officers has transcended the traditional responsibility of fighting crime and restoring law and order. Nowadays, the police perform many other duties for the community. For example, you may see police officers engaging in community service, such as helping lost individuals and checking on the elderly. Most of the calls made to officers are not crime-related. Considering this revelation, officers need special policing skills to handle the numerous roles they play these days. Here are just some of the unique skills you should put on a police application.

1. Leadership skills

You may list leadership skills, such as supervisory or management abilities, to show that you are responsible and accountable. You may emphasize your ability to build rapport quickly as well as your high standards of integrity, honesty and ethical judgment. You could also show your ability to work well with a team or independently.

2. Tactical skills

It may be crucial to include your knowledge of enforcement-related weaponry or technology gained through military service or training, tactical procedures and security positions.

3. Physical abilities

You may use your application to spotlight your physical abilities that you will find extremely vital in the field. You can highlight these features by outlining participation in physical events, such as football and marathons. You may as well include achievements, such as a black belt in karate or a fitness certification.

4. Community service skills

Due to the increasing focus on community service of policing by many police departments, you may increase your chances of getting a job as a police officer if you could outline attributes such as empathy, compassion and courtesy. Highlight your involvement in public service jobs, including teaching, social work or health care positions. These roles may emphasize your ability to interact with diverse groups, a disposition to assist others, splendid troubleshooting skills and the aptitude to build partnerships.

5. Voluntary work

In addition, you could show that you are willing to help people rather than gain financially by providing your intern and volunteer experience. It may also serve to your advantage if you could list any bilingual abilities and engagement in community programs. Skills you used while working with the elderly, children and other special needs groups can also help to strengthen your case.

6. Stress management

Much of police work, such as pursuing traffic offenders and apprehending criminals, can cause extreme physical and emotional stress. Your job may not allow you to collapse under pressure or make irrational decisions. You should divulge details of how you manage stressful situations in daily life.

7. Decision-making

Police officers often face split-second decisions in the line of duty. For example, they usually have to decide whether to charge, hold or release suspects, to chase traffic offenders in busy areas, routes to take and which areas to patrol. You may need to decide which vehicles to halt, individuals to interrogate or activities to investigate. Making instant decisions is an ostensibly part of police work.

If you have these skills, you may be well-equipped to become a police officer. The special skills will enable you to fight crime effectively as well as give you an advantage over other job applicants. Ensure you highlight the skills in your application to increase your chances of landing the job.