How to Take the Perfect 'WorkSelfie'

The rise of smartphones and easy access to high-quality DSLR cameras makes it possible to take a picture in any environment, including the workplace. Taking a workselfie is easy and gives you control over the kind of picture you want. You also get a chance to take a professional-looking picture in your work attire. However, the workselfie must abide by photography and selfie rules if you plan on sharing it with anyone. Below are guidelines to help you take the perfect workselfie.

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1. Picture Quality

Choose a high-quality smartphone or DSLR camera to ensure you get a clear and high definition picture. Test the camera to familiarize yourself with its settings before taking the selfie. If you own a selfie stick, use it to avoid a blurry picture. However, if you have no access to one, take advantage of stable surfaces in the office to avoid shaking while taking the selfie.

2. Perfect Lighting

Photography, both amateur and professional, is all about lighting. Look for a natural light source in the office and move close to it as you try to find the angle with perfect lighting. If the natural light source is not sufficient, take advantage of artificial light and test it until you find lighting that suits you. Be wary of shadows as they can conceal your face or distract. Additionally, avoid too much light as it makes your face shiny and unreal.

3. Check Your Background

Choose a background to suit the situation. If you are the focal point, use a plain background with no pictures, signs or logos. If you want to show that you are at work, use office branding as your background. Double check to ensure your position against the background is not too distracting or cause for ridicule.

4. Selfie Personality

Give your selfie a bit of personality; after all, it is a representation of yourself. Avoid the cliché duck face, pout or bathroom selfie, and come up with a pose that is true to your personality. Experiment with different face positions and expressions until you get the one that suits you best.

5. Check Your Outfit

Take a selfie in your best outfit, especially if you intend to use it in a formal setting. Fix your tie, powder your nose, moisturize your lips and smile for the camera. Dark colors work best; however, you can take a close-up if you think your outfit is too distracting.

6. Don’t Get Caught

While there are no rules against workplace selfies, you should avoid getting caught. Take it early before your bosses arrive or during your breaks.

7. The More the Merrier

Everyone in the workplace appreciates a little distraction, especially on slow days. Invite your co-workers for a group selfie and try out funny faces for a little laugh. It offers a fun and short distraction that can help motivate you for the rest of the day.

The selfie has no rules; however, there are basic guidelines that can help you take a workselfie to remember. Whether for professional or personal reasons, do not compromise on the lighting and picture quality.

Do you have any workselfie tips you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments section below!