How to Tell if You’re a Micromanager [Quiz]

angry executive

If you are a manager or a boss you probably know that you’re not everyone’s favourite person. Hard as you may try you’re never going to be everyone’s cup of tea and the reality is that the harder you try to be liked in the office, the less chances you have of actually achieving it. Matters become worse when on top of everything else, you are also a micromanager.

A micromanager is typically defined as the sort of manager who closely observes everything their employees do, they leave no room for initiative and they are generally regarded as motivation killers which is why having a micromanaging supervisor is often considered as one of the worst afflictions in the workplace.

If your employees are giving you the cold shoulder it might be because you’re a micromanager –either that or they simply despise you- but it’s advisable that you figure out a way to get them to like you.  Employees who are inspired by their managers and who feel comfortable in the workplace are more productive so, if you want to see performance levels soar you should take the quiz below to find out if you are a micromanager.

1) Do you believe that there’s absolutely no way even one of your employees could be smarter than you are?

  1. Well, I am pretty smart that’s the reason why I’m the manager and they are not, after all. I guess maybe it could be possible for one of my employees to be smarter but I’m yet to come across such an employee.
  2. I like to think that my employees and I complement one another, that’s my hiring tactic anyway. I want us to be a team of individuals specialized in different areas so that when put together we can achieve greatness. So to answer your question, I have plenty of employees who are smarter than I am and plenty of employees who are just as smart as I am.
  3. Not to brag or anything, but I’m a pretty knowledgeable individual. I used to be top of my class without actually studying and even though I never went to college I can rival any and all of my employees in market skills.

2) Do you only ask for input from your employees when you are out of ideas?

  1. I can do most things on my own so, there’s really no need to trouble them with anything extra.
  2. No, we all share the work and we always decide together in meetings about any creative decisions.
  3. Yeah, and it’s not like I always use their ideas, sometimes their ideas give me the inspiration I was lacking and I manage to use my own ideas.

3) Hovering is second nature to you

  1. Hovering? I don’t know if I’d go quite that far, but I want to know what everyone is doing and I always offer my assistance whether it’s wanted or not. I’m the boss after all, right?
  2. I believe that employees need their space and they need to work out things on their own. My office door is always open and I think they all know that they are welcome to discuss anything with me.
  3. I know what everyone is doing at all times because that’s the only way to ensure they’re not doing something stupid. I even like to check their computer screens to see what they’re up to when they’ve gone to the kitchen or the bathroom.

4) Do you ever give positive feedback?

  1. I’ve lately been reading up on the effects of positive feedback in the workplace and I’d like to incorporate it in our office, but I don’t think my employees and I would take it without thinking that I’m being sarcastic
  2. Of course, giving regular feedback is part of my managerial duties and whether it’s positive or negative I always like to meet with my employees and see how they are doing and if they are struggling with something. I think praise goes a long way to motivate employees and make them more confident so, I try to stress the important of a job well done.
  3. I tend to finalize everything on my own, so even when something exceptional happens it’s because of me, really.

5) How do you think your employees feel about you?

  1. I think they recognize that I’m a fair manager interested in taking the business forward.
  2. We have a pretty good relationship. There’s always a positive workplace environment and I don’t think anyone hates me or their work too much.
  3. Well I wouldn’t know, they hardly speak to me and when they do I’m pretty sure it’s because they need to.

If you have more As: You are on the verge of becoming a micromanager, my friend. Soon your employees will start grunting the minute you walk in the office so you might want to take a step back and start practicing on your listening skills.

If you have more Bs: No need to worry, you are not even close to being a micromanager. Just keep walking in your shoes.

If you have more Cs: You are the king or queen of micromanagers. Maybe you should reconsider management. Remember that employees under micromanagers always underperform so start on appreciating your employees or you might be left alone to do all the work.