Top 10 Coolest Offices in the World 2015

A nice looking, organized office space can mean a lot; it can inspire the people to work harder and be more creative. There are many offices which are dull and uninspiring-a problem that all millennials are currently facing. Today we will focus on those who are totally the opposite, and present you a list of the top 10 coolest offices in the world for the year 2015. On this list you will see some of the most sensational, spectacular, inspiring and useful offices that currently exist. Some of them are the offices of the biggest corporate giants, and some of them are the work areas of small companies who are relatively new. But they have one thing in common- their employees are always happy to work in these offices.

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1. Quicken Loans Detroit Office

Quick Loans' Office

Since August of 2010, Quicken Loans, has moved over six thousand workers to the offices in downtown Detroit. This has been done for the purpose of revitalizing Detroit and the city’s economy. The company has bought nine buildings and each one has a different look and feel. No one expected that a mortgage company will have such creative offices with open and vibrant colors, ping pong tables, graffiti art on floors and walls, however, the people at Quicken Loans insist that work should be fun and that’s why they focused on making their offices as much fun as possible.

2. Pallotta Teamwork's Office

Pallota Teamwork's office

Pallotta TeamWorks is a small charity event company from United States. When the company was building their new headquarters they decided that a raw warehouse is the best place for it, given the fact that they were on a tight budget. After the preliminary budget analysis, it turned out that the company had enough money to air condition their office space. Therefore, in order to save up even more money, the shipping containers were used as private offices, resulting to winning many architectural awards including the national AIA Honor Award.

3. Hyland Software Offices

Ian Cordova Photography
Cleveland. Ian Cordova

The Hyland Software Company is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and the leaders of Hyland say that they wanted their offices to have a welcoming and energizing spirit. This is why all of the company’s headquarters have on site comforts such as massage spas, hair salons, dry cleaning pickup, barber shops and children daycares. You want to have a mid-day shave at work? No problem, Hyland’s offices make sure to offer you all the health and beauty comforts you may need during your work day.

4. Ogilvy South Africa Headquarters

Ogilvy headquarters

Ogilvy is one of the largest advertising agencies in the world. The company has around twenty thousand employees with offices in every part of the planet. Its main headquarters based in Cape Town are featured with a unique meeting room which can change color at any given moment- depending on your mood, clients or day. In addition, the office is also featured with one of the most unique intricate stairwells. Since the company is the champion in branding, they feel that their meeting room should live up to their reputation, and leave a mark on each major client who visits their office. Fun amusing fact- they also have mouth shaped urinals at Ogilvy.

5. Comvert Office in Milan

Comvert office Milan

This may be one of the coolest solutions for an office ever. When an alternative clothing company called Comvert, needed space for new headquarters, they came across an old abandoned cinema in Milan. The space was perfect and it suited all of their needs, however, there was a room above the main room where the audience sat in order to watch a movie. The room was useless for them, so the designers decided to build an indoor skate bowl which was suspended above the warehouse. It was a perfect solution for their workspace whilst entertaining their employees. This skate bowl helped the company built their reputation as an alternative clothing brand by making them famous for their contemporary workspace ideas.

6. Facebook’s Palo Alto Office

Facebook Palo Alto

Facebook’s approach to building an office was a bit different from the rest. The company actually used its own software in order to conduct polls; they asked all their employees what are their expectations from an office. The outcome was great and it resulted in to a big open office space to work in, and amazing chill out areas in which you can do a bit of DJ-ing or even skating. That’s right; you can be a DJ at the office and show your skills to other coworkers as well- maybe you can also put that on your CV?

7. Google’s Amsterdam Office

Google’s Amsterdam office

Google is one of the most successful companies of the twenty first century and they are pretty famous for their wacky office designs. In Google’s offices it is not uncommon to find scooters, slides, basketball courts, football courts etc. And you thought that having a tennis table is cool. While the most of us “mortals” work in boxes feeling lucky if we have a coffee machine, the employees of Google all around the world enjoy spending time in their amazing offices riding around on scooters, playing games and gloating about their work space. The designs of these offices cannot even be compared with other workplaces. On the picture above you can see the Google’s new office in Amsterdam, whose design was inspired by the visual flavor and cultural history of the city.

8. Riot Games Offices

Riot Games offices

Riot Games is the publisher and developer of the currently most popular video game “League of Legends.” The company’s policy is to hire only gamers and people who enjoy playing games. Because of this, all of the Riot Games offices look like an arcade as there are constantly people playing games during their work hours. In Riot Games they believe that developers will do a better job if they play games every day. In a way, you might say that they do not work in offices, but they work in playrooms instead.

9. Google’s Office in Zurich

Google Zurich

Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin said that “No one should be more than 200 feet away from food.” I don’t know if this is true for all their offices, however, by the looks of the office in Zurich it just might be, as you can find kitchens everywhere and a cafeteria where every employee can eat three times per day. The office has an aquarium and a library, so you can always relax when you feel like itand if you get bored of walking, you can just slide the fire squad pole, to get somewhere quicker.

10. Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Selgas Cano Office

The two famous Spanish architects Lucia Cano and Jose Selgas have designed one of the most sensational pieces of architecture. Therefore, it is no surprise that they also made one of the most amazing offices ever for their own practice called “SelgasCano”. The Selgas Cano architecture office is located in the woods close to Madrid. The north side of the construction is covered with a curved glass made out of transparent acrylic forms which is 20mm thick. The south facing side is constructed from fiber glass and polyester sandwich fibre, offering an opaque surface protection from sunlight that is 110mm thick. There is also a hinged opening, attached to weighted winch mechanism, allowing natural ventilation to enter the building.

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It seems that businesses are slowly realizing that having a stereotypical, dark and dreary office doesn’t do any good to their overall productivity, this is why several respectable companies are attempting to make their office environments modern, bright or cosy- they want to make sure their employees are excited to go to work every morning.

Are you tired of working in a dull and dark office space? Would you work in any of the above offices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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