Top 10 Generously-paying Jobs in the World of Criminal Justice

If you are one of those that care for your country’s well-being, like to protect your people and the law and don’t mind taking risks in life, then a career in criminal justice could be the apt choice for you. Criminal justice is a huge field with a number of job opportunities. People in the criminal justice world are usually highly respected for the kind of job they do.   

So if you think you are protective in nature and brave enough to deal with crimes, then here are five high-paying jobs in the world of criminal justice.

1.  Lawyers

Though not an uncommon position, lawyers are the highest paid and most popular professionals in the field of criminal justice. They are everywhere in the justice system, be it a small claim court or a national trial. Some of the highest paid lawyers work in private sectors and charge any fee for their service as a specialized prosecutor or defense attorney.

Prior to becoming a certified law practitioner, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and pass a Bar exam.   

Featured program: BS in legal study

Pay: up to $163,000

2.  FBI Agents

FBI agents have to deal with dangerous investigations as part of their job. FBI usually recruits only the best individuals in the law enforcement department. Though a high-paying opportunity, the recruitment process is usually slow. You will have to be experienced in the field of law enforcement and have to pass strict physical exams and background checks.

Featured Programs: BSCJ Forensic Psychology

Pay: up to $114,000


Again a popular position in the field of criminal justice, judges are responsible for taking many decisions in the courtroom; often verdicts for many cases. They decide what is allowed as evidence for a specific trial and decide on warrants. Prior to their positions as judges, most of them were attorneys. It is not easy to become a judge as it requires strict appointments and nominations.

Featured Programs: Bachelor of Science in Human Service Degree

Pay: up to $104,000

4. Private Investigators 

Contrary to the portrayals you see in movies, the life of a private investigator is far from glamour. These men and women learn the techniques in law enforcement, maintain records, examine evidences, determine crimes and criminals and interview suspects. A majority of private investigators start as police officers and gradually become detectives.

Featured Programs: Private Investigator Training 

Pay: up to $93,000

20 percent discount
20 percent discount

5. Forensic Psychologist  

Forensic psychologists play a dual role – clinical psychologist and criminal justice specialists. Those that are entitled to get the highest pay rates have advanced degrees in various social sciences and psychologies. The principle goal of a forensic psychologist is to use their knowledge of human behavior to determine the whereabouts of a suspect type for a specific crime. Many forensic psychologists are positioned in special fields of witness, prisoner counseling and victims.  

Entry Requirements and other information   

Pay: up to $84,000

6. Intelligence Analysts

Unlike FBI agents or police officers, the work of an Intelligence Analyst is typically a desk job. The job involves collecting and analyzing data and creating statistics to find potential risks and the most effective security solutions. There are numerous Intelligence Analysts working for the FBI, making reports using the bulk of information available in the team.

Featured Program: BS – Business in Information Management Systems: Intelligence

Pay: up to $83,000

7. Financial Examiners 

Financial Examiners are specially trained to handle police techniques and financial mathematics, to determine monetary frauds. These specialists audit entity finances of corporations and individuals. A financial examiner comes into play if a corporation is involved in money laundering, financial fraud or embezzlement.  

Featured Financial Examiner Program: BS in Financial Administration

Pay: up to $79,000

8. Criminologists

Criminologists work on profiling different types of crimes and their prevention acts. Their work also includes gathering investigation data and brainstorming ideas to prevent crimes. The work of a criminologist contributes most to prevention of crimes than any other job in the criminal justice field, and so it is a very important position.  

Featured Program: BA in Criminal Justice.

Pay: up to $74,000

9. Security Manager  


Security managers need no introduction. Anywhere a building or property needs security, a security manager comes into play. Security managers may be leading a security force for an all-important property. He may also work in security companies to manage a large network of security systems or properties. Other private securities are found everywhere. All malls, large corporations and celebrity houses have security managers.

Security Management programs: BS in Public Safety and Emergency Management.

Pay: up to $69,000

10. Customs Officials 

These men are Security Forces working in the borders of different countries. They are responsible for controlling, illegal immigration, drug and human trafficking and weapons importing. Agents in the border patrol department, control criminal activities every day and therefore play a key role in the criminal justice circle. Enforcing immigration laws is a tough job. There are so many miles of borders in a country and so you always have a chance to make it to the grade.

Featured Program: BS in Public Safety Administration.   

Pay: Pay: up to $66,000

A career in criminal justice is an amazing choice. It is a lucrative position with high respect in society. If you are interested in choosing one of the above mentioned career options or if you have any information you would like to share, please feel free to use the comment section below. 




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