Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities 2015

We want to look like them. So we pore through endless celebrity magazines desperately trying to get a few fashion tips on how-to obtain their trendy styles. Some of us have gone so far as to get plastic surgery in order to become their replicas. And, we want to know every detail about them such as whom they are dating, what they eat and where they eat it. So we watch the entertainment shows and read the gossip columns online. Why?

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It’s because we are preoccupied with their seemingly perfect lives. They are beautiful, thin, and so fashion forward that they have become like metahumans or freaks of nature. They are like magnets- luring us into their fascinating, and often destructive world filled with excitement and over indulgence. But most importantly, they are loaded!

With its annual list of “The World’s Highest Paid Celebrities,” Forbes magazine helps to fuel our obsession, and in most cases, our envy with the 100 highest paid starlets. The following is an overview of the top 10 highest paid celebrities of 2015.

1. Floyd Mayweather

Also known as Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the professional boxer’s name with the extravagant tastes, says it all. Earlier this year, he dominated the fight, with what many critics say was a surprising victory, against Manny Pacquiao.

“Their bout spawned a record 4.4 million Pay-Per-View buys and copious media coverage from Mayweather’s Las Vegas home turf to Pacquiao’s native Philippines,” says Forbes.

In the end, the undefeated, five-division world champion earned $300 million, and successfully proved the naysayers wrong. The fighter who has eleven world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes also became the highest paid athlete in one year, in history, says Forbes. And that’s why “moneymaking” Floyd Mayweather was ranked No. 1 on the list.

2. Manny Pacquiao

Although he disappointed his native countrymen in the Philippines; and he was responsible for the loss of several shirts of the millions of boxing fans who bet big bucks on him, Manny Pacquiao, still managed to crawl away with $160 million. Additionally, he earned the No. 2 spot on Forbes’ list.

3. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

According to ForbesKaty Perry didn’t watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

“I didn’t really watch it,” Perry told Forbes. “But I heard there wasn’t really much to watch, anyway.”

Perhaps it was because she was too busy “roaring” to the tune of a $135 million payday. Perry, who made the No. 3 spot on the Forbes’ list, earned her money from a non-stop, high-impact global tour. According to Forbes, Perry’s Prismatic World Tour descended on 27 different countries with 124 shows. Most of her income or 60 percent comes from those foreign markets that cannot get enough of the young starlet, according to her managers. And that’s why she also made the cover of Forbes’ coveted list.

4. One Direction

Former member Zayn Malik is probably somewhere kicking himself for leaving the highly-successful group for a “normal life” and a girl. The boy band that’s stealing the hearts of young girls globally was also charming them into buying the CDs, T-shirts and posters during their 74 shows over the past year, says Forbes. And the kicker, says Forbes, is that One Direction earned “more than twice as much as the Rolling Stones.”

5. Howard Stern

The politically incorrect loud mouth has been dominating the airwaves since 1972 when he landed at Boston’s University college radio station, according to his bio. Today, his raunchy antics can be heard on Sirius XM Radio and seen on "America’s Got Talent," where he has been a co-host since 2012, says Forbes.

6. Garth Brooks

Since his 1989 release of Hungry Years, Garth Brooks has been two-stepping his way to enormous success. In fact, the Recording Industry Association of America has named Brooks as “the #1-selling solo artist in U.S. history with over 135 million albums” sold, according to his bio. And the famous black-hat wearing charmer stepped up to the Forbes’ list by earning $1 million per show.

7. James Patterson

Since 1976, James Patterson has been capturing the imaginations and holding the interest of readers from children to senior citizens with the strike of a pen. In fact, the best-selling, award-winning fiction, non-fiction suspense/thriller, children, young adult and middle grade author probably writes in his sleep. According to Forbes, Patterson has sold 300 million books; and earned over $80 million.

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20 percent discount

8. Robert Downey Jr.

There’s no question about how the award-winning actor, who earned $80 million, battled his way to No. 8 on the Forbes’ list of The World’s Highest Paid Celebrities. The question, however, is why he didn’t fly all the way to the top.

“This year, Downey made more than any other actor and recorded his highest ever annual payday,” says Forbes. “A large portion of his $80 million paycheck comes from the backend of ’Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ which grossed $1.4 billion at the box office.”

9. Taylor Swift

How does Taylor Swift keep doing it? “Swiftly,” of course. And with the quick stroke of a key, the award-winning songstress used her staying power last week to take on the Silicon giant, Apple.

“When I awoke Sunday, I was greeted by multiple stories about Taylor Swift’s open letter to Apple and its CEO, Tim Cook,” says Time Magazine’s writer, Tim Bajarin. “In the note, she took the company to task for its decision not to pay artists during an initial three-month free trial of Apple Music, the new streaming service Apple’s launching.”

And Swift, who earned $80 million, is also using her influence to fight for worthy causes such as women’s rights.

10. Cristiano Ronaldo

Even if you are not a sports or soccer fan, you have probably heard of Cristiano Ronaldo, who earned over $79 million. The bachelor with the heart-breaking smile and killer abs has been giving his adoring fans a “real kick” out of soccer since he first hit the field professionally in 2003.

“He’s also the world’s most popular athlete, with 102 million Facebook and 35 million Twitter followers,” says Forbes. “His commercially good looks have landed him mega sponsorships with Nike and his own underwear and shirt line CR7.”

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Would you trade places with anyone on the list above? If so, which one and why? Let us know in the comments section below.


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