Top 5 Greatest Entrepreneurs in Canada (2015)

Most people think of America as being the "home of the entrepreneur", but Canada is just as business-minded and creative as its American neighbor! It’s home to some of the most successful entrepreneurs – people who made their visions a reality.

Here are some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs:

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1. Mike Lazaridis


Born in Turkey and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Mike Lazaridis is one of the men behind Blackberry, the founder of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, and a co-founder of Research in Motion. His net worth is estimated at around $700 million! He has also served as the chancellor of the University of Waterloo and was made an Officer of the Order of Canada. He is considered one of the richest men in Canada, and is one of the Top 1000 richest people in the entire world.

2. Shannon Rogers

As one of the co-founders of Global Relay, a highly successful tech services company, Shannon Rogers is considered Canada’s top female entrepreneur. Global Relay was one of the first companies to develop cloud email archiving services, and has made a killing selling that technology to banks and other financial institutions. Shannon Rogers is known for working harder than any of her fellow co-founders (100-hour work weeks), and it is largely thanks to her that Global Relay has grown to become one of the largest companies in the industry!

3. Ron Joyce

Everyone in Canada knows of Tim Hortons, the top doughnut chain in the country. Ron Joyce was one of the co-founders of Tim Hortons back in the 1960s and, when Tim Horton died in a car accident in 1974, he bought out Horton’s share of the business. He not only worked in Tim Hortons, but also established his own franchises, including Dairy Queen and Wendy’s restaurants. But Tim Hortons is his biggest success as it has grown to become Canada’s largest quick service restaurant chain. In 2015, his personal fortune is estimated at around $1.27 billion and it is continuing to grow every year.

4. Allison Grafton

As the co-founder of Rockwood Custom Homes, Allison Grafton is also considered one of the most successful women and entrepreneurs in Canada. Her company was founded in 2009, but the company has nalready made its mark on the province of Alberta. The company provides "boutique" custom home renovations, as well as complete home constructions. Rockwood’s success is largely due to Allison’s design and financial expertise.

5. Tonia Jahshan


Tonia is both founder and president of Steeped Tea, a company that sells loose leaf tea and tea-making accessories around Canada. With more than 4,000 employees working for Steeped Tea, it is the largest company of its type in the country. The company was featured on “Dragons’ Den” back in 2012, and more than one of the Dragons approved of the company. Steeped Tea ranked 27th on Profit 500 in 2013, as well as earning the spot of fastest-growing company in the food sector.

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If these great Canadian men and women can be successful, you can too! It’s all about the approach you take to business, and your attitude for success.