Top Workplace Incentives to Attract the Best Employees [infographic]

Workplace incentive infographic
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Job perks can be the deciding factor if you are trying to attract top talent! But what business has the best perks? It must be one of these companies!

You've heard of crazy employee perks at giant corporations like Google—free food, offices that look like playgrounds and even unlimited vacation time. Perhaps these companies sound like the holy grail of workplaces to you. Or maybe you're one of the cynics who think that playful office spaces are run by a bunch of millennial Peter Pans.

No matter which camp you're in, it's time to stop looking at workplace perks themselves and instead examine the reason behind them—creativity. Like green eyes or brown hair, most people consider creativity an innate trait. But companies are starting to realise there's more to it. While it's true some people are naturally more creative, a stressful environment can actually harm workers' ability to be creative or even prevent it altogether.

This infographic brought to you by Company Folders reveals the top ten workplace incentives that companies are using to relieve stress and foster creativity. For instance, Facebook knows parenthood costs a lot of money, so it offers new moms and dads $4,000 in baby cash to help with expenses. Clif Bar recognises the benefits of healthy living, so it pays employees to work out.

By investing in truly useful incentives like the ones in this graphic, top companies are establishing themselves as cool and caring places to work. This attracts their industries' most talented workers, then helps them be as creative and productive as possible. Talk about setting up for success!

Do you (or have you ever) work for any of the companies mentioned in the infographic? What are the perks like? Let us know all about it in the comments section below...




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