How to Understand Your Boss Using Astrology


Understanding your boss on the best of days can be hard. Bosses can be unapproachable, demanding and hard to read. By understanding your boss’s astrology sign, you can better understand his personality, management style and what makes him or her tick. The next time you happen to be chatting with your boss, casually ask them their birthday and read on below to find out their Astrology sign and hopefully make life just a little bit easier!

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1. Aries March 21-April 20th

An Aries boss is a boss in charge. They have great passion for what they do, love challenges and can move mountains. They will demand a high level of commitment from all employees. Showing an Aries boss that you are truly dedicated and committed will gain you respect and independence in the workforce. Just make sure to stay away from an Aries boss when they are tired; they can have quite the temper.

2. Taurus April 21-May 21

A Taurus boss is generally a quiet boss; one that likes to run things from behind the scenes. Don’t let that slice of information make you think you can get away with slacking off though. The rules are often set in stone with this boss, so you are best to obey them. A Taurus boss likes time to reflect on change so if you are approaching them with new ideas, be sure you are prepared to wait a few days for the answer.

3. Gemini May 22-June 21

These bosses are not natural born leaders and prefer to work in a strong team environment. They are also professional delegators. To get the most out of a Gemini boss make sure to be one of the few capable employees he or she depends on. You will be greatly rewarded. Be aware that a Gemini boss does like to have the final say in all matters.

4. Cancer June 22-July 22

These demanding bosses do so in a quiet manner and demand to be in charge. They expect their employees to obey their commands and anticipate their needs. A Gemini boss expects all team members to be on the same wavelength and expects everyone to get along. If you want to get on their good side make sure to follow all instructions to the tee as these bosses can be quite particular.

5. Leo July 23- August 23

Leo’s are natural born leaders and thus are happy to lead others. They are fair and generally want the best for their employees. They also expect that their employees live up to the standards they set and so to get along with a Leo boss you will want to work hard. Although they advocate for their employees, Leo’s take great pride in their work and want the final word.

6. Virgo August 24- September 22

A Virgo boss wants facts, figures and logic. What they don’t want is emotion; so keep yours to yourself when you are speaking with them. Virgo’s by nature are perfectionists and highly organized. In order to get along with a Virgo boss, you will need to make sure you are professional and can live up to their perfect standards. Not a boss that laughs a lot, this is a serious workplace.

7. Libra September 23- October 22

A Libra boss wants to be your best friend. They crave popularity and want to ensure that all their employees love them. These bosses are pleasant to be around when everything is going well. When disaster strikes is when you want to stay clear as a Libra boss struggles to make decisions. The best way to work for these bosses is to be well liked, calm and ensure everything goes as planned.

8. Scorpio October 23- November 21

A Scorpio boss is in charge from start to finish and demands his or her employees give the very best they can. A Scorpio boss takes pride in imitating people and will not allow employees to undermine their authority. Excellent work, dedication and no-nonsense conversation is the best way to get on with this intelligent and hardworking boss.

9. Sagittarius November 22-December 21

You will have to try your hardest to keep up with a Sagittarius boss as they love to do things on their own without informing their employees. Luckily these bosses are likeable and don’t care much for rules. Understanding this boss is a little chaotic as they often have their heads in the cloud and are highly unorganized. Touchy at times they are best left alone when they are in a bad mood, and if you work hard independently you will succeed here.

10. Capricorn December 22- January 20

A Capricorn boss loves to be in charge, and the worst thing anyone can do to this boss is undermine his or her authority. As long as you keep to yourself and don’t try to outdo this boss; you will get along just fine. Expect to work for a Capricorn boss for a long time as they often don’t care about advancing and are happy to stay where they are.

11. Aquarius January 21- February 19

It is rare to find a boss that is an Aquarius as they often have no interest holding power over anyone and they are also erratic and tend to act on impulse. That said if you are working for an Aquarius you should know that they will generally leave you alone to do your job. Being resourceful and available will go a long way with this boss. Knowing how to read their ever changing moods will help you along while working for an Aquarius.

12. Pisces February 20- March 20

A Pisces boss is an interesting boss and personalities can vary from boss to boss. Thus, it is important to determine whether your Pisces boss thrives on charm or is distant and mysterious. Both types of bosses will be sensitive and not too concerned with power. They will do everything in their power to protect their employees though. However, you may have to guide them to the decision you are asking them to make.


Are you a fan of astrology? Do any of these descriptions match your bosses zodiac sign? Do you think it will help you in your professional life? Your thoughts and comments below please..