How to Use Adobe InDesign For Free

If you are new to Adobe InDesign, the program may seem a touch intimidating at first. But once you unlock the full potential of this program, the benefits are limitless. Adobe InDesign program is a desktop publishing program and is used to create posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, and books. This program is especially useful to those going digital since it also allows you to format items for tablet use.

Best Free Tutorials and Courses

There are a number of free and paid tutorials for Adobe InDesign. But for most individuals just starting out with the program, free tutorials and courses are perfect for learning how get a handle on the program and better navigate the menus and popular program offerings.

Adobe TV

Adobe TV is designed to help Adobe program users to access tutorials on Adobe products. One of the main benefits of using Adobe TV tutorials is the program does not require users to register to begin training. Each course is divided into sections and each separate section is broken down into specific groups. When a group is selected, the user can begin the tutorial for that subject. Another advantage of Adobe TV is its ease of use. Just go to the site, select the tutorial section and you can begin. Also, if you are only looking to research a certain section or program feature, you can easily find it in the Adobe TV directory and only view the tutorial for that specific subject matter.


Udemy is a free tutorial site which also offers video tutorials for a variety of programs. To begin using Udemy, you must register with the site using your email address. Once you have registered the search bar will become available. Simply type in Adobe InDesign and Udemy will come back with your search results, reviews of the tutorial, and a breakdown of the course. The Udemy tutorial for InDesign is broken down into two sections, the first containing 10 lessons, the second containing 14 lessons. Though this course isn’t as thorough as the Adobe TV tutorials, it will help users learn the basics and help them get started using the InDesign program.

Training Tutorials 101

This free tutorial site also offers video tutorials to help users become familiar with InDesign. Training Tutorials 101 does not require users to register so they can begin searching and using the tutorials immediately. This site is offers a less extensive tutorial with only 13 lessons for InDesign, total. The lessons provide by Training Tutorials 101 are also not as up to date as Adobe TV or Udemy, only offering tutorials for InDesign version CS5.

Terry White YouTube Channel

Terry White has extensive experience working with Adobe programs and is even featured in Adobe TV InDesign tutorial videos. This tutorial offers an in-depth look at Adobe InDesign as they traverse the 34 separate lessons offered. Terry White’s channel is well organised and easy to navigate; however, during this tutorial, several versions of Adobe InDesign are used which can become confusing for some learners.

Out of all the free tutorial sites for Adobe InDesign, Adobe TV is the most accessible and thorough of the bunch. The only downside to these tutorials is their lack of transcript lesson plans which can make the video format hard to follow, especially when researching specific features of the program. 


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