How to Use Theme Days to Motivate People at Work

How many people actually go into work every day and generally feel alert and ready for the day ahead of them? How many of you feel motivated throughout the working week? My guess is not many. Going to work should not simply be about the money, but about the whole experience; after all we spend the majority of our waking lives at work, so we should enjoy it, right? Well, it is down to our employers to compose some ideas to motivate the staff, as it is the staff that will make or break the business.

Many people believe that the most important way to inspire staff is by dangling a promotion or a raise in front of them. However, this is not necessarily true. The offer of money is only going to encourage them for a short period of time, until they believe they deserve it again. What employers need are motivational initiatives that work for all staff, not individuals, and will make their employees look forward to going to the office. A great way of doing this is by offering theme days.

Theme Day Ideas and How to Use Them

Just the idea of a theme day can stimulate many members of staff. It means a change to the normal working day which is what they all crave as well as fun, and can make them smile. Here are some theme ideas which will boost morale and productivity:

Feel good Fridays

This could encompass anything that makes the staff ‘feel good’, such as healthy lunches, music playing on their breaks to get them in the mood for the weekend, green teas rather than coffees, going out for a 10 minute walk, etc.

Dress down day

Choose a day in the week when all the staff can come to work dressed in casual clothing. Many businesses do this and have the day set on a Friday. However, you could choose any day of the week for this.

Holiday dress up days

This could be for any holidays your staff celebrate such as Christmas, Halloween, 4 July, etc. The staff could come in fancy dress and you could hold a competition for the best dressed. Some departments or individuals could even bring in traditional food that is eaten during this time.

Sports events

When big games are on such as the World Cup, the company could hold a small sweep stake to get the staff in a competitive mood. You could also dress in your team’s jerseys, bring in cupcakes decorated in the flags of each competing team, etc.

Move the office outdoors

Maybe once a month hold a ‘move the office outdoors day.’ The idea is to take the staff away from the workplace to have a change of scenery and inspire them. This could be for an hour or 2, or a whole afternoon depending on the size of your departments and where you go. There are many places these could be held such as in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a function room or even a park.

These are just a few ideas that can be used in any work environment. You could cast a vote around the staff even, to see which theme ideas they prefer, and then put a small team together to organise them. The key is to offer your employees something that can break up their work week to prevent it from being mundane, whilst motivating and bringing them together.




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