How to use Your Personality Strengths to Advance on the Career Ladder

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Every individual brings something unique to their job. This will be a mixture of skills and experience, and is often driven by personality strengths which allow them to deliver their role in a unique way. Capitalising on these strengths is important. In a competitive job market, candidates who identify their personality strengths, understand how they can benefit business, and then use this as a unique selling point, have a major advantage.

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Of course, everyone has different strengths. In order to understand and figure out the best ways to use your unique strengths to advance on the career ladder, try these ideas.

1. Identify Your Strengths

Before you go any further, you will need to identify your own personality strengths. Develop your self-awareness by asking for feedback from colleagues, family and friends. Take some time also for reflecting back on feedback you have already received. Often your personal strengths will also be the things you enjoy - as we tend to practise more often, and therefore improve these personal strengths.

If you are struggling to work out what your specific personal strengths are, try an online personality assessment, such as those offered by Whilst these cannot substitute personal reflection and feedback from those who know you well, they do give a starting point and a different insight.

2. Understand How Your Strengths Add Value

Having identified your strengths, you will need to figure out how they can match the needs of your employer or sector. This might be through working out how your strengths can be applied to allow you to excel in a role, and bring a business closer to their aims. Make notes as you think through your strengths, of times when they have been beneficial to you in your career so far.

Put your strengths in ’business terms’. For example, if your strength is being friendly, then this will mean that you are able to liaise with a diverse group of people, manage stakeholders, develop robust customer relationships, and so on. Who knew that your fondness for going to the pub with mates could have such a powerful business impact!

3. Sell Your Strengths

Selling your strengths takes a little confidence. When climbing the career ladder you are going to find yourself in interviews and networking conversations where you will need to describe your strengths (and often your weaknesses also). Overcome any undue modesty early, in order to excel.

Think about how you will answer the question, "Tell me about your strengths?" the best way possible. You might also create an ’elevator pitch’ - a short summary of your personal strengths and skills that you can use if you ever find yourself snatching a few unexpected minutes with an important recruiter or boss. Be confident in selling your strengths and demonstrate how they can add value to a business, in order to give you a foot up on the career ladder.

4. Keep on Learning

Even if you have identified a number of personality strengths that will stand you in good stead, you must not rest on your laurels. Continue developing and learning, or others will outstrip you and you may not fulfill your career potential.

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The recruitment landscape is changing all the time, and millennial job seekers are expected to have to change jobs fairly regularly to be able to progress up the career ladder. This means networking and interviews, both of which require a good understanding of personal strengths and how they can translate those in adding bottom line value to a business. Get started early on in your career journey, and build a good understanding of how your unique personal combination of personality strengths can be used to build business. You won’t regret it.

What are your personality strengths and how are those strengths making you stand out from the crowd? Let us know in the comments section below.




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