Wall Street Intern Trashes Job to Pursue a Racier Career

veronica vain

Corporate work is not all it’s cracked up to be, and for some people, they have chosen to abandon the business world for something much more pleasant.

One Wall Street intern with Lazard Asset Management recently decided to trade in her business attire for bare skin.

Paige Jennings, 23, resigned from her apprenticeship earlier this month to pursue a career in the adult film industry.

After working with the management group for six months, it was time for a change. The part-time intern told BroBible in a Q&A interview that she wasn’t content with the dullness of the job any longer.

"Intellectually speaking, I love financial analysis and thinking," she told the website. "However, I found that I was not cut out for the politicking required to be successful, and sitting at a desk for eight or more hours a day really sucks the life out of you."

She also added how she didn’t approve of corporate America’s censorship on female sexuality, especially if it displays a sense of confidence and respectability.

Jennings—who once made a living as an erotic dancer—wants to pursue what she enjoys the most. By taking the advice of late Apple founder Steve jobs, she turned one of his greatest quotes "You’ve got to find what you love" into a reality.

While at work, Jennings was also working on another side job.

Jennings started her road to adult entertainment in the restroom of Lazard’s business building. It was there that she modeled nude and posted her photos to a Twitter account under the alias Veronica Vain, according to Business Insider.

Her main priority, however, was sending her "selfies" as a portfolio for a casting opportunity with upcoming reality show the "Sex Factor."

Jennings’ pictures soon became a hit sensation online—particularly via her Twitter account. Admirers retweeted her spicy photos with hashtags that fit her image perfectly, such as #naughtyofficeselfie.

One follower even suggested that choosing the adult industry was a "cleaner" option for Jennings.  

"Memo to @TheVeronicaVain: You deserve credit. The porn business is much cleaner than business on Wall Street."

She decided to turn in her two-week’ notice in hopes of following a new vision for her life.

Apparently, Jennings had no idea her coworkers and employers knew about her double life until top executives were ringing her phone off the hook.

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"My boss’s boss called me over the phone with a HR lady," said Jennings. "I had a pretty good reputation intellectually, and this executive was aware of that. However, he obviously couldn’t have me coming back to the office when just about everyone had seen me half naked online."

Although Jennings had already planned her exit route, she found herself leaving her job earlier than expected.

Since her discovery, the aspiring nude actress has removed the photos from her Twitter account.

Yet, it looks like Jennings will be on her way to racy stardom soon. "Sex Factor" is geared to start February in Las Vegas, NV and she says the show has already contacted her for a final audition.

Her next venture involves getting in touch with the right agents to assist her with transitioning from corporate America to adult film and entertainment.


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