What Does Your Eye Colour Reveal About You?

Did you know that no two people have the exact same eye colour? Or that your eye colour can change over time? Previous studies have shown that there are many differences in the colour of our eyes and none matches the eye colour of another. Your eyes can change colour overtime as your irises become lighter or darker throughout your lifetime.

The truth is that there are many things that your eye colour can tell you. The colour of your eyes is a multi-generation trait that can be traced back in time and can help you find out why you have that specific eye colour. For example, you might have inherited your eye colour from your great-grandfather or great-grandmother or a famous celebrity back in history!

Some people even say that the colour of your eyes shapes who you are and determines your personality traits. Can it be true though? Can you tell if someone’s a hardworking individual by just looking at the colour of their eyes?  

If you are curious to know, let’s take a look what your eye colour says about you and your personality:


What you don’t know about black eyes is that they are really hard to find.  They’re really rare and not very easy to identify as black eyes are they are essentially very dark brown pair eyes. People with ‘black’ eyes are often regarded as secretive, mysterious, intuitive but also reliable and trustful. They don’t make friendships easily although once they do they are really committed and loyal to others. They are also spiritual, persistent and passionate about what they do.


Brown is the most common eye colour. People with brown eyes – light golden brown to dark chocolate brown are considered to be confident, attractive and always ready to help the people around them. They are independent, friendly, kind, creative and love nature. Positivity and simplicity seems to come inherent to them although they possess some profound characteristics of introversion thus sometimes can come out as shy individuals. While this makes it difficult for them to express themselves to people, they are great with others and they will do anything possible to make them happy.



Green eyed people are the fresh minds, the innovators. They are strong and mystical at times and they love to try out new things. They are also charismatic and intelligent and are often regarded as beautiful and charming. The one thing that comes out as negative to green-eyed people is that they get jealous relatively easy. When they get jealous it’s not hard to notice as their behaviour changes instantly and either become hostile or passive aggressive.    


Hazel is the mixture of brown and green. Thus hazel eyed people have the qualities of brown and green eyed people. They are outgoing, energetic and adventurous although are also said to have a short temper, so whatever you do you should give them some space when you see them angry. They are spontaneous and always say yes to the challenges they come across. They have excellent people skills and they are great lovers although generally tend to have short romantic relationships.    


Blue is the second most common eye colour after brown and along with grey. Since it’s a beautiful eye colour many people are using contact lenses to make their eyes appear blue. The lively and peaceful tone of this colour makes blue eyed people look more youthful and intelligent than others. They are also very energetic, desirable and outgoing the fact which makes them the kind of extroverts they are. People with deep-blue eyes are very spiritual and observant.


People with grey eyes are intuitive, sensitive and strong. They are rational thinkers and they have excellent analytical skills. These are the people who are flexible, ambitious and imaginative thus most turn out to be the most successful leaders. They can adapt easily to changing environments, keep secrets, deal with arguments effectively and remain calm under stressful situations. They are also practical thinkers and they tend to perform well within business.

So, how much of this information I have given do you think is True or False?

Before you answer this question, I am taking you back to Jane Elliot’s famous experiment on racism. Elliot showed to the students of her class how discrimination works using eye colours specifically saying that ‘blue eyed people are better than brown eyed people’. This raised a lot of questions and interesting reactions and also encouraged the brown eyed students to defend their ground. What happened later though is rather astonishing. Check out this insightful video to find out:



Not many people believe that the colour of your eyes actually determines your true personality traits. Where do you stand on this? Do you believe that your eyes are not only a window to the soul but also the window to who you are?

We are interested in hearing your opinion so let us know what you think in the comments section below…