What's It Like Being A Celebrity's Personal Assistant?

What better way to get close and personal with a celebrity than to be their personal assistant? The job sounds glamorous right? Walking the red carpets, entering grand homes, knowing your favourite star. As a PA on the job hunt, the idea of running after a famous person and getting their jobs done seems like the ideal nine-to-five.

But stop right there! Forget nine-to-fives, forget the glitz and glam and forget the thought of being BFFs with your favourite celeb because I’m about to give you the low-down on what it’s really like working for a famous face. Being a celebrity’s personal assistant isn’t all it seems…

Some celebrities take the word ‘personal’ to extremes 

Working as a PA for a celebrity sometimes means sharing a bed with them, as Jennifer O’Neil (Lady Gaga's ex-PA) found out! According to her, the superstar demanded that O’Neil 'sleep in the same bed with her, because she did not want to sleep alone.' The ex-PA also states the star used to ask her to get her tampon and flush her toilet! It seems the alleged overtime was the last straw for O'Neil and a lawsuit soon followed.  

The demands celebrities make can be shocking. Supermodel Naomi Cambell’s former assistant claims the pretty face constantly required 25 lily-scented candles to be placed in her hotel rooms in specific spots. And legendary Frank Sinatra was no better: who do you think used to cover up his bald patch on his head? His PA of course! The singer’s assistant was required to spray cover-up on his boss’ bald patch daily.

Being a celebrity’s personal assistant clearly involves getting your hands dirty. One celebrity assistant reportedly had to trim the hairs of their boss’ private areas and another had to clean out their pet’s cages on a daily basis. From being ordered to have a conversation with your boss's cat to being called at 4am to grab more toilet paper, the expectations celebs have of their PAs is astonishing!

Celebrities really can be that petty! But what about the advantages of being a celebrity’s personal assistant?

The truth is, you can make a lot of money as a PA. Stars are constantly in need of someone to do their extra bits and bobs and they pay well for one who is willing to tough it out on a 24/7 schedule. Some stars are nice and they’re not all like Lady Gaga. Sarah-Jessica Parker and George Clooney are said to be great bosses, for example. Although the chances are slim of a personal assistant getting famous, there is a slight opportunity. Knowing someone in the business always gets you your dream job quicker…

Like every job, being a personal assistant for a celebrity has its highs and lows. It’s all about deciding whether this job is for you. Would you be willing to share a bed with Lady Gaga?




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