Which Office Superhero Are You? [Infographic]

office superheroes Toner Giant

If you could be a super hero and have special powers, who would you rather be? Would you choose Superman or Batman? Find out which office hero are you!

Not everyone is born an office superhero, but they can become one. If we assume that superheroes actually exist in the workplace, then we can easily associate ourselves with our favorite Marvel or DC superhero and pretend to be one.According to the infographic, you can be Superman, Batman, Captain America or Gambit and if you are a woman you can choose between the amazing Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Rogue!

This infographic brought to you by Toner Giant presents a list of superheroes that helps you find out which office hero you are, based on your personality and how you choose to handle certain things at the office. For example, if you are a boss or a manager you fit Captain America’s profile perfectly as it will let the leader within you shine bright! Or you could be the intelligent Rogue that does everything required with excellence and possesses incredible charisma.

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Who would you choose? Toner Giant has also prepared a quiz that helps you find out which superhero you resemble the most in the workplace. Have a look at the infographic and let us know your result in the comments section below…