Why It's Smart to be A Lone Wolf at the Office

People always say that to win at work you need to be a team player. Employers seem to prefer candidates who can play well with others and so this type of candidate always stand a better chance in interviews. Admittedly, being a team-player also makes things easier for you in the workplace, not only in terms of work but also in terms of employee relationships, you simply stand a better chance of surviving in the workplace if you get along with your Co-Workers than if you stand alone.


But being a team player is not for everyone. Some people are just better when they are lone wolves. It’s not that they necessarily dislike others at work, or that they don’t want to participate in happy hour, it’s just that innately they work better on their own.

If you are a lone wolf, you probably have to suffer through managers and do-gooders telling you that you should make an effort of participating more and that not being a team-player can cause you all sorts of trouble in the workplace. But don’t lose heart, lone-wolf away all you want because, in fact, it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make at the office, and this is why:

1. Your Productivity Levels Will Soar


Research has found that employees who have friends at work are more productive, but I’m fairly certain that this refers to people who are somewhat extroverted, and when it comes to people who are by nature better at things when they do them alone this rule does not apply.

In fact, if you are a lone wolf and you have limited human interaction to the minimum at work, your productivity level must be over the top. And that’s because you have no one to disrupt you at work which leaves you alone to focus all the more on your work tasks.

2. Your Boss Will Never Micromanage You


Lone wolves are always very independent spirits and if there’s one person at work who knows that it’s your boss. Even if your colleagues say that your boss is the worst micromanager ever, you probably won’t even be able to tell. Your boss may look over everyone’s shoulders and monitor everything like crazy, but it’s not likely that they’ll be doing the same with you.

Most bosses –even micromanaging ones- know that lone wolves work better when they are left to their own devices, and they wouldn’t dream of smothering them.

3. You’ll Come Out as Trustworthy

trustworthy employee

There’s a self-confidence always emanating from lone wolves when it comes to work matters, and managers are always able to recognize and appreciate this certainty. This is why lone wolves are often put in charge of projects and are often called upon to lead teams. It may seem counter-intuitive since they are not the best at human relations, but when it comes to leading the pack, no one can do a better job than a lone wolf.

Managers often feel safe to trust lone wolves with responsibilities because they know that they won’t lose their focus and that they will strive for the best. But, not only will they strive for their best, but if they are put in charge of a team, they’ll push their team to achieve great results as well.

Being a lone wolf can, in fact, be used to your advantage in the workplace. If your work makes you feel inspired and fulfilled, then there’s no need to push yourself to become an extrovert at work.

Are you a lone wolf at work? Do you find it useful? Your thoughts and comments below please.