Why Procrastination Is A Good Thing

There are two kinds of employees out there: those that procrastinate and those that never do it. It’s not something to feel good or bad about, it’s just the way that you’re wired. Not all of us have to be perfectionists after all, we’ve all left something until it’s down to the wire and done an amazing job, or had a crisis that forced us to work last-minute and everything still ended up okay. Life happens and we can’t always control exactly when we can get something done. Here are some reasons why your procrastinating can actually be a positive thing and can help your career.

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It forces you to actually work

How many times have you left something until the very last minute and then been so inspired that you did a better job than if you had done it right away? This happens countless times and while it may seem like getting lucky, there’s something to be said for it. Just because you’re not a procrastinator doesn’t mean you’re getting your best work done, so it’s time to embrace being a procrastinator and realize it can be a positive attribute. But if you procrastinate so much that you never actually get the project finished, then, of course, there’s a big problem. So just make sure that just because you like to work close to a deadline doesn’t mean you don’t get it done in the end.

It allows you to surprise yourself

It’s hard to shock ourselves when we do similar tasks at our desks day in and day out. But with a deadline that’s an hour or two away, we’re going to get our butts into gear and work super-fast in order to finish on time, which will lead to surprises since we won’t be able to censor ourselves. We could even end up getting more creative than we typically do because it spices things up.

It keeps your job exciting

If we’ve had our jobs for a long time, things can get more than a little predictable. It’s always good to add an exciting element into your work day, since the 9-to-5 can be very routine and even dull at times. There’s something to be said for the adrenaline rush that you will experience.

You will worry more and be guaranteed to succeed

It may sound crazy to say that worrying more at work is a good thing. After all, aren’t many of us overburned with work stress, which is bad for our physical, emotional and mental health? Yes, that’s all true. But when you worry about getting your project done, leaving it to the last minute, and then ending up with an amazing final product, you will make sure that you make your boss and company proud (and yourself, too, of course) because you want it to be good. Without worry, we would never care about the end result.

Just because you wait doesn’t mean you’re not thinking hard

It makes sense that if we put something off, we’re still thinking about it, because we’re all human, after all, and it’s very difficult to just turn our minds off completely (which is a reason why meditation is so hard for so many of us). You can still pull off delaying work because you’ve been considering approaches the entire time it just looked like you were being lazy and weren’t interested in getting it done. Then when it’s time to get to work because you can’t wait any longer, you’re already done the work in your head, and can just put it down on paper.

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Stop seeing your procrastinating ways as a negative part of yourself and start embracing it today. You can’t change who you are so you might as well use your true nature to your advantage and kill it at the office.