10 Best Companies to Work For in Ireland 2015

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Creating a great culture in an organization can be achieved through elevating pay levels and increasing training opportunities. However, most employees think that a company is the best working place if it values people and recognizes their efforts. A fun and welcoming workplace that encourages open communication also ranks high in an employees’ perception of a great work culture.


1. Diageo Ireland

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On 12th February 2014, Diageo Ireland (Demand) was crowned as the best place to work in Ireland during the 12th annual Best Workplaces in Ireland Awards held in Dublin. Diageo is a leading multinational manufacturer of alcoholic beverages with an exceptional collection of wines, beers and spirits. Some of its renowned brands include Guinness, Captain Morgan, John Walker, Smirnoff, Baileys and Bushmills among others.

The company’s guiding philosophy is ‘celebrating life everyday everywhere’ where its core values balance fun and hard work. Fun is integrated into its daily operations as employees participate in various community events, such as cycling to support charitable organizations. Diageo also values enthusiasm, energy and commitment that every employee brings to the business every day.

2. Workday Inc

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Workday Inc was ranked as the 4th best workplace In Ireland in 2015 by the Great Places to Work Institute in the medium- sized category. Founded in 2005, the firm offers cloud applications for human resources and finances to a myriad of organizations around the world. Some services offered by the firm include analytics, financial and human capital management applications. Government agencies, private corporations and educational institutes are some of the beneficiaries of these cloud services.

Globally, Workday has over 37,000 employees with 270 working in Dublin, its European headquarters. The firm has created a fun and open environment for its employees. As a result, workers are not only immensely motivated to deliver the best to customers, but also exhibit high levels of innovation.

3. Globoforce


In 2013, Globoforce was recognized as one of the top performers in the medium-sized workplaces category in Ireland by the Great Places To Work Institute. The firm provides social recognition solutions and is a global leader in the industry. Globoforce provides clients with cloud- based software that depicts the actual performance and contribution of each employee. Both of these help organizations to formulate strategic recognition programs that aim at enhancing employee productivity, involvement and retention. The firm boasts a work culture that is based on appreciation and recognition of all its employees. Also, the organization reckons that workers are its most vital asset and play an irreplaceable role in the success of the business.

4. Deloitte


Deloitte has been voted as ‘One of the Best Places’ to work within Ireland for the past 10 years by the Great Places To Work Institute. It is classified in the large- size firms’ category during these annual awards. Deloitte provides tax, risk management, consulting, audit and financial advisory services to a diverse range of clients.

The firm attributes the awards it has won over the years to the excellent services provided by its highly motivated professionals. Employees’ well-being is vital to the firm. One of the workplace initiatives at Deloitte is the equilibrium, which is a wellness program aimed at addressing the psychological and physical health of the employees.

5. Novosco


In 2013, Novosco scooped an accolade during the ICT Excellence Awards held in Dublin. It also made it onto the 2013 list of the ‘Best Companies to Work For’ by the Sunday Times. Novosco provides consulting and management services, as well as cloud computing that help organizations to utilize emerging technologies in solving various challenges.

Some clients served by the firm include health organizations, government agencies and universities. According to Patrick McAliskey, the firm’s Managing Director, Novosco prioritizes hiring, developing and retaining the best talent in the industry. He also revealed that management strives to make the firm a great working place by initiating wellbeing and health programs, team building activities, excellent communication and training for the employees.

6. PepsiCo


In 2014, the Great Place To Work Institute ranked PepsiCo as the 4th Best place to work in the large company category in Ireland. It is not the first time the organization has received this recognition, as it has featured in the top tier organizations to work for in Ireland for the last 6 consecutive years.

PepsiCo is a renowned multinational beverage, snack and food producer with branches all over the globe. The firm views the rating as an indication of its satisfied workforce and a show of trust and pride by the employees. The Great Place To Work Institute generates its report primarily by using confidential feedback from employees on the predominant work culture and overall job satisfaction.

7. Genzyme


Genzyme was established in 2001 and employs approximately 550 people at the biotechnology campus in Waterford it operates from. The firm develops and distributes various products that treat rare and debilitating diseases in patients scattered all over the globe. In 2014, the firm ranked among the best 10 large companies to work for in Ireland by the Great Place To Work Institute.

Genzyme views the recognition as a validation of the honest and open relationships between employees that enables the firm to meet its strategic goals. Overall, the organization boasts of its ability to hire and retain the best talent in the industry due to its endearing work culture.

8. Microsoft Inc.


In 2012, Microsoft beat stiff competition from other multinationals to scoop the price of the ‘Best Large Company’ to work for in Ireland. According to John Ryan, the CEO of Great Places to Work Ireland, Microsoft received this recognition not only due to its continued business excellence but also for emphasizing the quality of its workplaces and products.

Microsoft, manufactures, develops, sells and licenses consumer electronics, computer software and personal computers. The firm places a lot of importance on creating a work environment that promotes trust and open communication among its employees.

9. Collins McNicholas Recruitment & HR Services Group

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Collins McNicholas is a HR and recruitment firm started 25 years ago. In 2015, it emerged as the winner of the small company category of the Great Places to Work awards. It beat over 80,000 SMEs in Ireland as the majority of businesses in the country fall under this category.

The ranking was applauded by the firm as a fantastic achievement for a business that has viewed employees as the center of their success for the last 25 years. Collins McNicholas provides advice to job seekers and links them up with prospective employers.

10. Merlin Group

In 2012, Merlin group was listed as one of the best small workplaces in Ireland after a detailed assessment. According to John Ryan, The CEO of Great Place to Work, Merlin Group was recognized for their commitment to people practices within the firm.

With less than 50 employees, the Managing Director, Dave Byrne, asserted that they regularly strive to create an engaging and happy environment for their employees. He also revealed that they focus on maintaining good working relationships with all the workers to enhance productivity.

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Companies with a great work culture and care about their employees’ welfare are likely to attract and retain the best skills in the market. However, working in these firms does not automatically translate to personal growth and success. It is important to work hard, manage time and relate well with other employees to guarantee your own professional growth.