10 Best Paid Jobs for Self-Employed Workers

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There are several precise elements that make entrepreneurs successful. Besides having an overwhelming passion for your idea, you must find a way to carefully mitigate risk while expanding profits. Here is a list of some of the most lucrative, low-risk self employment jobs out there...

Personal Chef

If you have a passion for food and love to cook, then starting a personal chef business may turn out to be a low risk and extremely profitable career. On average, a personal chef can make from €45,000-€65,000 per year. When working for high profile clients, your earning potential could skyrocket to €4,000 per month.

Business Management Consultant

Due to their high level of expertise regarding business management and governance, a freelance business management consultant has an earning potential of €80,000. Earnings can increase for consultants who retain a post-grad degree in accounting, finance, law, and business management.

IT Consultant

As businesses scramble to keep up with ever changing tech trends, the IT consultant has seen a serious boom in business. The IT consultant could specialise in network infrastructure, business application design, or data security. On average, IT consultants can make over €40,000 per year or more.


If you love beer and the art of brewing, you are in luck. The craft brew industy is expanding all over the world, and the voracious appetite for new and exciting beers shows no signs of waning. Currently, an experienced brewmaster has the earning potential of about €40,000 per year. So start perfecting your recipes, you could be on to something.

Event Planner

If throwing lavish parties is your thing, you may want to consider starting your own event planning business. Event planners handle every aspect of an affair, from hiring caterers to designing the decor. On average, an event planner in the UK can earn from €37,000-61,000 per year.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are artists. They use combine a client’s taste, current decorating trends, and budget requests to complete the client’s ideal home or office decor. Once an interior designer builds up their portfolio, their services could be worth around €50,000 per year.

Video Game Designer

As Sony and Microsoft continue to deliver exciting and innovative gaming consoles, video game designers have kicked their graphics, functionality, and storylines up a notch to keep up the pace. Whether it’s for Bethesda or an up-and-coming indy company, as a video game designer your earning potential could reach up to €158,000.

Freelance Writer

Finance, healthcare, and business writers have the potential to earn €45,000. What you make as a freelance writer certainly depends on your area of expertise; being freelance, you have the opportunity to work for a variety of clients in a vast array of industries.

Personal Trainer

Your love of fitness and knack for teaching could make you a perfect for the trade of personal trainer. Add credentials as a nutritionist to seriously boost your client hiring potential. Currently, a personal trainer can earn anywhere from €43,000 to €62,000.

PR Specialist

A PR specialist can work within just about any industry these days. This is in part due to an increase in company and organisation exposure on the internet. Managing public relations for a specific industry, company, or organisation could earn a specialist upwards of €80,000. The median salary for a PR specialist in 2014 was about €45,000

If you are in the midst of deciding a new career path or are ready to step out on your own as an entrepreneur, statistics show choosing the right industry is key. Remember to always weigh the risk to reward ratio while making his important decision, and have a solid business plan in place before your open your doors.