10 Facts About Working in a Morgue That’ll Make Your Hair Stand on End

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Has the thought of working in a morgue ever occurred to you? If you are like most people, it probably didn’t cross your mind. Just the thought of handling dead bodies on a daily basis can put off an average person. If you are superstitious, it can be even more frightening. Here are ten facts about working in a morgue that will make your hair stand on end.

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1. Sometimes a dead person is not really dead

You probably heard of stories of dead people waking up screaming in a morgue. Well, the screaming part is not true, but people who have died have known to come back to life hours after they have been declared dead. If this happens when you are alone with a dead body, it can be quite frightening.

2. Some corpses remain warm for hours

Has anyone told you that corpses are as cold as ice? That’s not true. But you wouldn’t expect a dead body to be warm, would you? Well, here’s a piece of news for you. Some dead bodies remain warm for several hours after they are dead. If you didn’t know this fact, you would easily be spooked.

3. Headless corpses

Everyone has grown up listening to stories like that of the Headless Horseman who goes on a killing spree in the village of Sleepy Hollow. But to actually look at a corpse without a head can be quite distressful. Unfortunately, you will get to see quite a few of them in your career in a morgue.

4. Severed head without the body

Few things can be more gruesome than a severed head without a body. It’s not that the face of the deceased looks any ghastlier than one still attached to the body; but just the of looking at a severed head can scare the wit out of most people.

5. Bloated up corpse

Who would think of an overweight person as scary? But a bloated up corpse is quite different. When a dead body swells, it can become twice as big as the person that it used to be. Because the skin stretches, all the wrinkles and age lines disappear, making the person look younger.

6. Corpses disfigured beyond recognition

Horror movies often have ghosts and demons with badly disfigured faces. The filmmakers know that it always works. Working in a morgue, you will have to get used to seeing such faces on a regular basis. But even after years on the job, looking at a badly disfigured face can be disconcerting.

7. Badly decomposed bodies

All sorts of dead bodies arrive in a morgue. Some of the dead bodies are so badly decomposed that you will find yourself struggling to keep yourself from throwing up. Not only that, badly decomposed bodies can also look gruesome.

8. Badly mutilated bodies

As a part of your job in a morgue, you will get to handle quite a lot of mutilated bodies. These usually belong to people who have died in road accidents and plane crashes or have been beaten to death. Some badly mutilated bodies can give you nightmares for many days.

9. Dead bodies can moan

Have you heard that dead bodies sometimes make ghastly noises? You have heard right. Sometimes, when a dead body is moved, the compressed air remaining in the lungs and stomach escapes, causing the corpse to make a noise that sounds like a moan. It can make your hair stand on end.

10. Eerily quiet

Since most do not like to be near a morgue, it is almost always eerily quiet. Inside a morgue, you can hear the smallest of noises, such as a pin dropping. This can be quite unnerving, especially if you’re required to be there alone at night.

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Working in a morgue is definitely not for everyone. For those who are not easily frightened and don’t mind being around dead people, this can be the career you are looking for.