10 Ideal Jobs for People with a Free Spirit

hippy having fun

There’s a common misconception about free-spirited people: they’re broke, weed-smoking hippies, binge-drinking party animals who don’t offer anything back to society. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Free spirits live life on their own terms, following their dreams and passions. If you belong in that category, you might want to consider one these 10 jobs that allow you to be flexible and put your creativity into practice.

1. Photographer

Do you constantly take photos of everything? Is Instagram your best friend? If you own a good camera and have a passion for photography, this should definitely be your next career move. Garner some experience and you’ll then be ready to take the photography world on your own.

2. Musician

If you’re the Bob Dylan of Reading, who might want to consider auditioning for a bar in hopes of getting hired as the resident performer (kind of like Céline Dion and Shania Twain in Vegas). You’ll get paid to do what you love – and maybe enjoy a pint or two on the house.

3. Freelance Writer

If writing’s your passion, you can make a living out of it as a freelancer. The Internet offers a ton of solutions where you can get paid to write, like Fiverr, HubPages, Listverse, and even National Geographic’s Traveler magazine.

4. TV & Film Extra

Remember those acting workshops you took last summer? They really did come in handy, after all. You could become an extra on EastEnders, and slowly start your acting journey as the next Hugh Grant.

5. Chef

Jamie Oliver is living proof of a free-spirited chef who had no professional culinary education when he landed his first job as a pastry chef. A passion for cooking is really all you need to become a chef, and almost every restaurant and pub today trains inexperienced chefs up.

6. Interior Designer

That table shouldn’t go there, and the room’s colours are just awful, right? If you have an eye on grooming spaces, you might want to think about pursuing a career in interior design. Build your portfolio and you could eventually start your own business.

7. Teacher

Patience (and some qualifications) is necessary for this job. There’s a lot of freedom in teaching, and it’s one of the most sacred professions since the beginning of time. You could even combine teaching with traveling, and teach English abroad over the summer.

8. Travel Nurse

Just what the doctor ordered! There is a very convincing argument for becoming a travel nurse. You get to choose where you’d like to work and when you’d like to work, while earning good money and, most importantly, helping those in need.

9. Stunt Performer

If you live for adrenaline rushes, this is the best career path for you. You’ll have fun jumping between speeding cars, running away from imaginary dinosaurs, and swinging from chandeliers, with a really good benefits package.

10. Start Your Own Business

You can start your own business by selling handcrafts, printed T-shirts, or by offering your catering services. That broken-down van in the driveway can be put to good use, too: fix and repaint it, and turn it into a cupcake truck!

Are you a free spirit? What’s your dream job? Drop us a line in the comments section below and let us know!

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