5 Jobs You Can Get with the Royal Household

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Working for the Royal Household simply means that you are providing support, services, and advice to the Queen as well as the rest of the British Royal Family. Employing approximately 1,200 staff members, individuals can seek positions in catering, gardening, media, finance, human resources, maintenance, IT, research, marketing, and more. Over the years, there has even been a Chocolate Maker and the Queen’s Piper.

Those hired are considered to be the best in their industry and their contributions are both respected and valued. When working for the Royal Family, employees are expected to hold themselves to a high standard, respecting both the Queen and the organizations in which serve her. By obtaining a position working for the Royal Household, you will join an organization which truly values their employees. This is reflected year after year in terms of staff surveys and the benefits received.

Here is an inside look into some of the roles currently filled within the Royal Household.


1. Personal Assistant

Although there are a number of potential personal assistant positions, Pippa Austen works as the personal assistant to the Private Secretary’s Office. It’s pretty neat how she acquired her role, as she simply applied to an advertisement. Although she originally applied for a different position, she was offered a position as the assistant administrator. After three years, she was promoted into her role as a personal assistant.

She did not have any experience working with royalty; she simply had the skills they were looking for regarding administration. She had strong IT and social skills, allowing her to be a reliable and efficient secretary and assistant. When she was first given this role, the Royal Household provided extensive training, which is something that is highly rewarding and, essentially, priceless.

She specifically enjoys making arrangements for travel and the Household community she’s a part of. In a typical day, she will take calls, arrange meetings, and ensure that everything is in order before it’s sent off to the Queen for approval. She explains that there are plenty of perks, including foreign travel with the Queen, wonderful staff meals, and an excellent pension.

2. Demi-Chef de Partie

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Working in the Royal Kitchens would be a remarkable experience for anyone who is in the culinary field. Once again, Dylan James scored his position when replying to an advertisement in the paper. Originally seeking the Kitchen Porter position, he was promoted to his current position after just two years.

As Dylan explains, in order to obtain a job within the Royal Kitchens, you need to have your NVQ levels 1, 2 and 3 in catering. Of course, you also need to be highly knowledgeable and to maintain a passion for food and cooking. Anyone who has experience in fine dining, catering, or banqueting is at an advantage.

Being in this environment, you are provided with incredible training and even opportunities within education. You travel throughout the UK, working in various kitchens and changing seasonal menus. Dylan lives within accommodation at the Palace and also mentioned the great sense of community he experiences within this team.

If you’re interested in a position within the Royal Kitchen, there is a whole team working under the head chef. You will need to pay attention to potential openings as they’re often looking for help in terms of banquets and receptions. If you have a City & Guilds catering qualification, a true passion for food, fine dining experience as well as classical training, then you’re the perfect candidate.

3. Head of Photographic Services

Working within the Royal Collection, Sunita Mistry is the Head of Photographic Services. If you are someone who is interested in photography and the arts, you may also find that there’s a suitable role for you within this department. Of course, prior work experience is essential and Sunita previously worked as a Picture Library Manager at the National Portrait Gallery.

Since there are so many staff members, the Royal Household offers social clubs to strengthen this community. For Sunita, the average day is always different – no two days seem to be the same. One day she may be organizing a photo shoot, and the next she may deal with a film company who wants to shoot footage of the Crown Jewels.

This position brings many opportunities, allowing Sunita to work in a varied and diverse environment. There is a lot of pride in this job, organizing and overseeing such meaningful events and historic pieces. For anyone that is driven, personable, and who loves the arts, a position in the department of the Royal Collection may be what you’re looking for.

4. Assistant Curator of Works of Art

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Once again, this position is for individuals who are creative and passionate about the arts. Also referred to as Decorative Arts, Caroline Brown has taken on this role. She first began cataloguing artwork within the Royal residences – a position she got wind of through a university tutor.

For those that work within the Royal Collection, there seems to be a distinct pattern – no two days are the same. If you are looking for a job that is different from day-to-day, this is the perfect opportunity. If you are passionate about art and have knowledge of the monarchy and Royal Collection, look out for related openings.

To apply as a Curator in the Royal Collection, a degree in History or Art History is highly recommended. For those that have worked in museums, working around various collections – this is also a major plus. Like many employees working under the Queen, they simply applied. If you feel as though you have what it takes, you could very well join this proud community.

5. Deputy Yeoman of the Royal Cellars

Working within the Master of the Household’s Department, Steve Lee landed this position through a recruitment agency. It made sense that Steve was awarded this position, after working in numerous Michelin-starred establishments. You can imagine his excitement, having access to exclusive wines and spirits.

Being a master of wine, Steve provides wine for lunches, dinners, receptions, and meetings. If there is a large upcoming function, he will be in charge of organizing the required wine and spirits. If you are passionate about food or drink with the experience to back it up, there are plenty of training courses available once you obtain a position within the Royal Household.

What is cool about this position is that Steve gets to work in such an impressive and historical environment, yet all of the day-to-day practices are modern and in tune with the current hospitality industry. For those that are passionate about what they do, you are the type of individual that the Royal Household warmly welcomes.

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If you’re interested in working within the Royal Household, continually check for vacancies. Complete an online application and you could potentially obtain a once-in-a-lifetime position, but do remember that they will only accept applications for specific openings. This is how they ensure the applicant’s skills and prior experience match an opportunity.

There are also exciting opportunities every summer, as Buckingham Palace is open to the public for a teen week span. Each July, 350 temporary staff members are recruited. Who knows, with hard work and enthusiasm, a temporary position could turn into a long-term opportunity. They will be accepting applications between December and February if you’re interested.

Have you ever worked within the Royal Household? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!