5 Signs Your Job Is Making You Miserable

sad woman sitting at the bench

Our jobs often make us miserable however we should never allow for joy to be sucked out of our lives because of work. Find out if it’s happening to you.

Even though our jobs are not meant to make us happy 24/7, they are meant to bring some joy in our lives; they are meant to make us feel fulfilled and blessed for the most part. But if your job feels like a dead end most of the time then you might want to consider if your job’s making you miserable.

A job that makes us miserable can have adverse effects on every aspect of our lives. It can ruin our personal relationships – nobody wants to hear you complain about work all day long, it can ruin your confidence because second-guessing yourself never gets you anywhere, and it can also stop you from advancing in your career.

To help you out we’ve put together a list with signs that your job is making you miserable. Use it as a checklist and if you find that you identify with more than half of the signs on the list then perhaps it’s time to move on professionally.

1. You Think About Work All the Time

sad woman

We’re not supposed to think about work even when we’re not at work. Sure you may indulge in telling your SO office gossip from now and then, and you might say what infuriated you during the day, but if work is all – and I do mean ALL – you can think about then that’s not a good sign.

2. You Can’t Stop Complaining About Work

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Our bosses and colleagues have a way of getting on our nerves, I won’t deny that. But, if you find that you have tons of things to complain about on a daily basis, whether that’s the people you work with or your job responsibilities then you need to start considering the possibility that your job might not be the healthiest place for you.

3. You’re Depressed


The problem with being depressed is that we can’t always tell that we are, so if you’re experiencing any physical anomalies, such as constant stomach ache or headaches it might be your body letting you know that something’s not right. Be in tune with your body to understand how your mental state is and if you find that your job is making you depressed then it’s not worth the trouble.

4. You Get Upset Over Anything

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If you find that you are unusually irritable, then that might be a sign that your job is making you miserable. Patience running thin and snapping back at anyone over anything might both be indications that you are not doing great emotionally.

5. You Can’t See Anything Good About Your Job

sad businessman

Our jobs are not supposed to be all negative but if you can’t see anything good about your job, then that’s a problem. What’s also a problem though is if you filter out anything good about your job because it’s making you so miserable that you are failing to appreciate anything good that happens there.

Our jobs are not supposed to be all fun and games because if they pay you to do it, it’s meant to be somewhat hard, but that is not to say that you should stick with a job that’s making you truly miserable.

How many one the list did you match? Let me know in the comments section below...