6 Actions to Take When Your Life is Just Your Job

You’ve achieved the impossible: you like your job. No, actually you like it A LOT. You basically love your job. If you could, you would marry it. But actually, you kind of are already married to your job – and it’s becoming a problem. Sure, you get tons of satisfaction out of what you do. You love the fact that you wake up every morning with a smile on your face, looking forward to heading to the office for another busy, fulfilling day. You get along with your boss and your coworkers. You’re completely on top of your plans for your career future and everything is going according to plan – except for the fact that your entire life revolves around your job, and you never meant for that to happen. It started off with you just coming into the office an hour earlier, and now you’re working every moment of every day, including Saturday and Sunday. You don’t even remember what a lazy weekend is like, and you definitely never watch TV anymore (sob). You’re exhausted, stressed to the max and completely burdened all the time because all you do is work and think about work. But that ends now. You don’t want to give yourself some grey hairs over this. You want to change things. Read on to find out the top six actions that you must take when your whole life is your job.

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1. Fall in Love

What, you think that falling in love is something that is totally out of your control? You think that it just happens to you and you can’t force it? Well, sure, that’s definitely true. But if you don’t have romantic love in your life and don’t even go on any awkward first dates because of your job, then you definitely have a problem. You’re going to wake up in 10 years wishing you had traded that Friday night buried under stacks of work at the office for a hot date. Trust me. And if you’re coupled up but have been ignoring your partner for your workload, well, you know how that’s going to go. Protect the two of you from an inevitable broken heart and spend time with the person you love. If you don’t, you know how that goes. You would just gain about 100 pounds from all the ice cream you would have to binge on. So you might as well find a way to make it work with your partner.

2. Say Goodbye to Working Weekends

Put down your iPhone. Turn off your laptop. Get your butt out of your desk chair and get outside. It’s not freezing out, it’s still sunny and pretty warm so you might as well spend some time with nature and stop working every single weekend. Seriously, that’s not helping you. How can you possibly have a life if you work weekdays and weekends too? It’s just not possible. And yeah, it’s going to be hard to break away at first – you’re so used to working all the time, you’re going to hate pulling yourself away. But you have to do it. Weekends are for lowering your stress levels, not getting even more stressed because you just can’t stop working.

3. Get Out of Town

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Travel is a huge part of life. Some people are totally obsessed with it and have wanderlust in their blood from birth. Others would love to go somewhere if they had the time. You’re definitely part of the latter group since you’re basically a workaholic. Tell your boss that you need a holiday and don’t take no for an answer. It’s okay, don’t worry – you’re such an awesome employee, you’ll definitely get what you want. You’re not really living if you just go to your office and then go home at night. You have to see the world – or at least the closest city to you. It’s cool, take some baby steps. You can see the world later.

4. Take up a Weird Hobby

People that are truly alive, have careers and social lives but also hobbies and interests. It’s basically a requirement of being a cool, fun, well-rounded person. So what’s your excuse? And no, your job isn’t your hobby or your interest. It’s just your job. That’s the problem, right? Just make sure that your hobby actually matters to you. This probably means that your choice of hobby is going to be a bit weird, which is actually a good thing because you’ll really be able to focus on it and have fun. Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Follow your heart and indulge your greatest, wildest dreams. What have you ever wanted to do? If you want to learn how to sail, play the flute, make chocolate, start a blog – go for it. You’re only limited by your fear. The only important thing is that you realize that there’s more to life than work and that you should care about more than what’s going on at your office.

5. Zen Out


So you hate yoga. You find it super boring and you can never figure out how to breathe properly. The same goes for meditation – how can you possibly just sit and do nothing? Sorry, but you’re going to have to learn how to chill out, calm down and relax. It’s the only way to get your life back and stop making your entire job your life. The problem with working all the time is that you’re in a perpetual state of stress, worry and anxiety. You’re always preparing for a presentation or meeting or doing extra work, and sure, you’ve gotten a promotion or a higher salary or more prestige and power. But if you’re not happy, does all that stuff really matter? Okay, yeah, the money is pretty awesome. But come on, you know money doesn’t buy you happiness. So you might as well learn to be as happy and physically and mentally happy as possible. You can’t enjoy your life outside the walls of your office if you’re not experiencing the total joy of life or at the peak of your health.

6. Pretend You're Unemployed

Okay, so unemployment sucks. It’s full of empty pizza boxes and staring at an empty bank account balance and basically being completely depressed. But there are a few good things about it and that’s the fact that it forces you to think about what you really want, both out of your career and out of your life. Ask yourself, what would you do if you didn’t have a job right now? Whatever the answer is, do that. You just might end up giving your boss your two weeks’ notice and finding your true passion in life. Then you really will have a life that doesn’t only revolve around your job.

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Mourning the loss of having an actual life now that you have an amazing career? Well turn that frown upside down. You can take these actions today and get your life back. Your life doesn’t have to be all work and no play, after all – everyone knows that is pretty boring. And you’re definitely anything but boring. So enjoy your work, sure, but don’t let it interfere with all the other awesome things that you can be doing. You only live once, as they say.

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