7 Benefits of Being Overly Emotional at Work

There are tons of people that say that you shouldn’t wear your heart on your sleeve. They will tell you that you need to be emotionally stable, that being emotional is a sign of weakness, and that you should hold yourself together at all times. But you throw a big middle finger to that assumption. You cry during movies with depressing endings. When you see a rude tweet, you get so angry that your head feels like it’s going to explode. You also feel extremely happy when your significant other does something as simple as get you flowers. Being emotional is a part of your biology. It is a part of who you are and you try very hard not to apologize for it. You have learned to accept that being a crybaby or a firecracker is just the way you live your life.

The one place that you feel a little weary about showcasing your emotional nature is at work. Work is not a place to let your personal baggage cloud your judgment. Your emotions could jeopardize a business proposal. It could ruin a merger. It could also get you fired. There have been numerous cases where being an emotional mess has ended badly in a work environment. But people have never taken the moment to look at the positives of being overly emotional at work. If you know how to play it correctly, being a whirlwind of emotions while at work could lead to some great things. Here are seven benefits of being overly emotional at work.

1. You Tend to Get Your Way

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You may not have a lot of power but you definitely tend to get your way at work. As the overly emotional colleague, no one wants to see you sad and in tears; it might not be because they actually care about your wellbeing but because seeing someone cry is uncomfortable and awkward. Their fear of being in an uncomfortable situation tends to work in your favor. You get the last donut in the break room. You get the nicer, cozier chair for your desk. You get the raise you probably don’t deserve. Wearing your heart on your sleeve has turned you into the spoiled brat of the office and you love every minute of it. Hopefully, you can keep this up and not get fired. Someone is bound to get annoyed by how much you get your way. But until then, you are going to keep getting everything you want.

2. People Respect Your Opinion

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Everyone knows that it is hard for you to hide your feelings. Even when you try to conceal them, your facial expressions project your true feelings. With that being well-known knowledge around the office, people come to you for an honest opinion. They ask you how you feel about a new product they are proposing or a new marketing strategy they want to start. Your opinion is respected and valued because it is honest and not filtered. You have to admit that you enjoy being brutally honest and not being branded a jerk about it. Your colleagues don’t have to worry about negative feedback from the public when they can get the honest truth from you. Being overly emotional helps you keep your job and could very well help you get a promotion.

3. Colleagues Fear Getting on Your Bad Side

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When you’re mad, you’re pissed. All you see is red, and you want to punch everything in sight. When colleagues get on your bad side, you strive to ruin their entire career. Your attitude goes from 0 to 100 extremely fast, and you are out for blood. It’s actually quite scary how drastic your attitude changes. You spread vicious rumors about your coworkers. You steal things off of their desks. You refuse to work with them. You sabotage their business meetings. You pretty much do anything and everything to vent your frustration with another colleague. Your peers want to tell you that you are being baby and overreacting, but they don’t want to be on your blacklist.

4. People Want to Be Your Friend Outside of Work

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Your coworkers may not want to surround themselves with your craziness during work hours, but they really want to hang out with you outside of work. Your heightened sense of emotions also applies to joy. When you are happy, you are really happy. You crack the funniest jokes and dance like your life depended on it. You take shots and buy a few for your friends. You are literally the life of the party and your coworkers love that about you. When you are not at work, you are stress-free and nothing but smiles. Your peers like you a lot more when work isn’t involved. Being overly emotional gives you an awesome social life and tons of friends.

5. You Connect with Consumers

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Your emotional nature allows you to be very empathic. Empathy comes in handy when building relationships with clients, customers, and consumers. You have the ability to see their struggles through their eyes and understand what they are going through. It is actually really remarkable. It is a blessing and a curse. In regards to your job, it is a good thing. It is another thing that makes you valuable to the company. Your boss looks to you when they need to develop a rapport with clients. Or your boss will gladly ask for your advice on how to best approach the direction of a television commercial. Connecting with consumers is a skill you inherently have due to your emotional status – a blessing in disguise.

6. You Are Very Detail-Orientated

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Your emotional sensitivity translates into being very detail-orientated. You pick up on everything. From a slight tan that your coworker might have gotten over the weekend to a haircut that is barely noticeable, you are able to tell when something is a little different. Being detail-orientated is something that every company goes after in an employee. Luckily, you have it. You notice typos that other colleagues don’t. You check to make sure files are saved accurately. You keep the company running smoothly, without time-consuming mistakes occurring. You can feel the promotion coming thanks to your sense of detail.

7. You Are Extremely Creative

Emotional sensitivity and creativity go hand and hand. Why else would Vincent van Gogh cut his ear off? He was obviously emotionally unstable but still an amazing artist. Hopefully, however, you would never go that far as to cut off one of your body parts. Your creativity is very useful at work when it comes time to brainstorm new ideas. You are quick to fire off things that your peers would never think of. Your out-of-the-box thinking is gold to the company and it has made millions for them as well. Creativity is emotional imbalance at its best.

Anyone who tells you that you need to not take things so seriously and that you need to chill out is simply jealous of the skills you have, all thanks to your overly emotional nature. There are cons to being overly emotional at work but the pros overpower the cons tremendously. You have skills that your coworkers envy such as creativity and empathy. You are respected for your opinion and your advice is sought after. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is something to be proud of and will get you far in your career.

Can you think of any other benefits of being overly emotional at work? Let us know in the comments section below!