10 Best LinkedIn Hacks to Land a Job Interview

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In the 21st century, the role of social and professional network platforms can’t be ignored. The most professional and one of the biggest platforms for networking is LinkedIn, and by now, you should know how important it is to your job search. Being the fifth fastest-growing social network, it is no surprise how priceless it is for establishing professional connections all over the world.  

However, with so many users on the site, and with the number growing day by day you need to liven up your efforts to make yourself stand out from the crowd (other jobseekers). But ensure that you stand out the right way; you shouldn't flood your activity feed with random photos, or have a profile picture wearing a cosplay costume.

Follow these hacks to make your profile page so flawless the recruiters will say “I have to hire this person”!

Here are 10 LinkedIn hacks to land you a job interview:

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10. Personalise Your URL

Simply creating a LinkedIn profile is not enough; you need to do everything you can to make yourself more recognisable and memorable. You can do that by updating your URL and putting your name into the address instead of having some random numbers next to your URL.

Go into “Public profile settings” then “Edit” and simply modify it to make an eye-catching URL that potential managers can use to find you quickly. Remember; it is all about you so you should keep the focus on you at all times.

9. Join Groups

LinkedIn has some pretty effective tools to connect with other professionals in your industry. One of these tools are groups, which allow like-minded professionals to gather and exchange ideas and industry news. These groups are a great way to increase your exposure to other people within your industry.

Of course, the problem is that sometimes you can get hidden under the mountains of content other group members create, but luckily I have the perfect professional hack for you. Under the group’s name it says how many members it has; if you click on the number, it will take you to a list with all the members. You can use this two ways; either approach the most active and influential member of the group or contact the most influential individuals in the industry that are members of the group. Either way, you will be making valuable professional contacts.

8. Use Your Stalking Abilities

We know how you stalk everyone on Facebook and even LinkedIn to find out all about their employment history or educational background; it’s embarrassing, yes, but do not worry; we all do it. We are here to suggest that you use the “see who’s viewed your profile” option to your advantage and use your creepy stalking talents to get yourself a job.

When you apply for a job, make sure that you search for your potential interviewer, future manager and recruiter’s LinkedIn profiles.But, before you do that, modify your viewing settings so that your name and headline are visible.

Why do you want to do this? Well, because when your name appears in the “see who’s viewed my profile” section and also on their candidate list, there are more chances that they will take a second look at your CV because they have seen your name and headline more than once.

7. Regularly Update Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profile

Okay, we have talked about how important it is that the hiring manager checks out your profile. But, if your profile isn’t updated with your latest job experience or with a more professional photo, it’s not going to do you any favours - it can even ruin all your chances if your profile is hideous. Although this is not a “hack”, it is one of the most obvious things jobseekers forget to do.

Before applying for a job, make sure to update your profile and avoid adding any insignificant jobs (like your high school babysitting job) if it is not relevant to the current job position. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is modified to better match the job positions you are interested in before you submit your CV or review a hiring manager’s profile.

6. Put Your Best Endorsements First

When you are trying to enter a specific industry or apply for a job, you modify your CV or Resume accordingly. You put the most relevant information first, leave out information that might not be advantageous or relevant. It’s common practice and expected of candidates; no hiring manager wants to hunt through unnecessary information. In fact, they will most likely completely discard over-inflated CVs instead of looking for specific information.

job search
job search

Most people are completely unaware that you can do the same thing with the endorsements you get from people in your network. You can both delete them completely or drag and reposition your endorsements, so the most impressive or relative ones are first. That way you can avoid potential employers reading “dog grooming” as your first endorsement when you are trying to get a graphic design position.

5. Ask for Recommendations

Nobody got anything by just sitting and waiting around for things to come their way. Hey, I am not blaming you; I know it is very awkward to ask someone to say something nice about you, but you should get over your shyness and think about your future - that recommendation can actually be the reason a recruiter calls you in for an interview.

If your LinkedIn profile is flooded with fantastic recommendations from your managers and coworkers then why would a hiring manager not call you - " a superstar employee"- in for an interview?

If you want to avoid it being too awkward, think about who you are asking to write that recommendation for you. Make sure that the person you will be asking has worked with you closely and can talk about your skills and talents. You can also write them a recommendation back, so it is a win-win situation for everyone. Just make sure you don’t use that default message provided by LinkedIn or it could come off as rude and completely fake.

4. Actively Participate in Professional Groups

If you want to connect with potential recruiters or professionals in your industry - to increase your chances of securing a job interview - you’d better join related groups but not just stay there, you should also actively participate in them. For example, there are various groups for every industry you are interested in and there are also generic groups on the website specifically designed to help you and meet recruiters such as the recruiter on LinkedIn.

These groups can be used not just for your jobseeking and networking purposes but for educational and research purposes, too. Many professionals share industry related content so you can stay up-to-date with the news related to your industry. If you manage to portray yourself as a professional who is actively participating in industrial events, you can be sure that those recruiters will come crawling in no time.

3. Write an Interesting Headline

If your headline says something like “Student at the University of Somewhere” do you think it is going to be as attractive as “Digital Communication and Millennial Marketing Specialist”? Make sure to write a headline that represents you and portrays you as a highly knowledgeable, hirable and intriguing individual.

There is no point in letting the hiring manager know from your headline that you are a student or even a recent grad because you don’t know whether this information can benefit you or hurt you. The safer and better choice for you is to highlight your skills and experience and avoid being judged on your current student status. Of course, we are not saying that you should lie;  just show off your most valuable skills instead.

2. Update Your Status and Keep Posting

Keep yourself on the radar by updating your status frequently. Don’t let anyone forget about you or your skills or else you will have to redo all those networking tricks from the beginning.

Make sure to share thoughts of the day, posts related to your industry or any website links that might be of interest to your professional LinkedIn connections. This shows that you are always up-to-date, you are well-informed on industry related news and also care about your connections.

Be sociable at all times and keep your tone friendly, humorous and professional. Maria Fischer has a few tips on how to leave a lasting impression as an intern, but you can also use them as a jobseeker who wishes to stay remembered by everyone!

1. Link Your Profile with Gmail

If you use a Google suite of applications and software, then you are in luck because you can exponentially increase its practicality and usefulness by installing an plug-in called Rapportive. This amazing tool will help you not only connect but expand your network.

What it does is essentially replace Google Ads with the Linkedin profile of the person that you are sending mail too. It will display their contact information, general location (in case they are someone you can arrange a face to face meeting with), social media and website. It brings two already extremely robust applications together, and the results are amazing.

Now you know some of the best LinkedIn hacks to improve your job search and make yourself a more hireable and intriguing person that all recruiters will want to interview.

Do you know of any other hacks that can boost your LinkedIn profile? Share them in the comments section below…

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