7 Signs You're a Career Complainer

Honesty, I can’t even deal with you right now…all they want me to do is write and then people visit the website to read what I wrote. It’s a fruitless vicious cycle I tell you. Sound familiar? Well, some people are just constant (and barely tolerable) complainers…but what if you are the professional complainer? Well, of course, this is how you fix it

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1. *Sigh*Problems


The issue might be in the way you identify problems; successful people don’t even call them that. Replace the extraordinarily negative word (problems) with: obstacles, challenges or issues. More positive words like these make people think that a solution is possible. The P word, on the other hand, makes people think something is difficult and unchangeable. Which brings us to our next point.

2. Complaining Helps (no one)

angry female workers

The more time and energy you dedicate to complaining, the less time you can spend solving the problem that is plaguing you. If your issue is with the administration, develop a passionate yet non-abrasive argument that will help upper management see the topic from your point of view. If you have a problem with workflow or established systems then maybe you should take the initiative to change them.
That is, of course, if yours is more effective. Not just because the current system doesn’t use cookies to the full extent you’d like. Remember, more often than not, it is ourselves that is the problem and not the situations around us...and yes that was some Zen Master level insight that I just dropped on you.

3. The Have And Have Not’s

stressed businesswoman shouting into telephone is sitting at a table full of paperwork

Another situation that you need to think about when trying to figure out if you’re a professional complainer is if you are always comparing what you don’t have to what others do. This not only means that you are resistant to work with what you have available to you regarding resources, services and physical assets, but you also feel entitled. Beyond that it shows a tendency for you to blame your means and not the actual problem as the saying goes: a poor craftsman blames his tools. You need to first, create the money that will, in turn, give you the resources to make even more money. After all, if there is one thing bosses like it’s their employees taking profitable initiatives.

4. Time To Move On

gosh darn it

If you weren’t a complainer before but recently have been laying on the whining heavy, then that is most probably an expression of your discontent…the more discontent you are, the more you’ll complain. Eventually, the only thing coming out of your mouth will be cynical sigh and vitriol. The most probable source of your frustration is the fact that you are unhappy at work. The only way to fix that is to find a different job. If you start complaining at the other job, then look for a third job. If yet again you’re not happy then you might want to seek professional help.

5. High Expectations


Sometimes the only reason you are complaining is because your bar is just too damn high. It’s good to have high aspirations, but you need to be realistic too, you can’t begin in an entry level position and expect to get promoted to CEO in you second year…no not in your third year either. Instead of concentrating on your aspirations, focus instead on the quality of your work. If your work is always excellent, then you will be on the fast track to the top…in a decade or two, if you don’t get fired for being and insufferable complainer.

6. You Take Criticism Worse Than A Dictator

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If you have a hard time taking criticism, then you might just be a chronic, incurable complainer. I know you are going to whine about it, but you know the best way to stop complaining? Maybe take some criticism, because not only will it help you assess the issues that might be making you complain, but it might even help you fix them.

7. Self Assess

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Again if you are a whiny person that can’t say anything positive no matter the circumstances, then there might be something a little more deep seeded than just being burnt out. There are a lot of people that are burnt out, but it’s not like they walk around with a perma-frown on their face. Find out what is fundamentally bothering or burdening you, is it work related or personal…yes, sometimes something personal can make you act horribly at work…as if you didn’t know that.

Don’t hesitate to seek professional help, as not being able to understand what is wrong with you and just using complaining to compensate might be a symptom of much more severe, deep-seeded issues. I understand that you might not be a danger to yourself and others…but your constant whining has pushed people to consider violence when interacting with you…I know it sounds funny but seriously watch your back dude, your co-workers are coming.

Are there any other ways you can figure out if you are a professional complainer? Let us know in the comment section below. Yeah, yeah….I know, that involves entering your email and then writing text in the box below it.