How to Become a Hotel Manager

In today’s time when recession has hit almost all the economies, one industry that continues to boom is Hotel Industry. If you have always fancied working in luxurious hotels at far-off destinations then why not choose becoming a hotel manager? A Hotel manager is a key person responsible for everyday working of a hotel and is in charge of daily operations such as reservations, food services, housekeeping, conventions, weddings and making other important decisions.

Prerequisites to become a hotel manager

  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills
  • Proficiency in working with computers
  • Professional traits
  • Positive attitude and a great amount of dedication
  • Detail oriented and efficient
  • Courteous
  • Experience in hotel industry

Education and training

The minimum educational requirement for becoming a hotel manager is a high school diploma. In order to become a successful hotel manager, students may obtain an undergraduate degree in any of the following:

  • Bachelors in Hospitality
  • Bachelors in Hotel management
  • Bachelor in Business Administration

A curriculum in hotel management degrees generally focuses on accounting, hotel administration, food service management, computer training, economics, housekeeping, marketing, engineering and maintenance.

A student must take the advantage of work-study programs to gain solid experience and for exponential career growth. Further specialisation can be done by obtaining a master's degree in hospitality management.

Working as a hotel manager

There are numerous positions that you might be offered on being employed as a hotel manager:

  • Front office manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Convention services manager
  • Administrative manager
  • Marketing and sales manager


  • Specialise in a specific area of expertise and demonstration of leadership skills
  • Showcase competency and success in a position to have long-term career benefits
  • Learn to delegate
  • Always be in personal touch with staff and guests
  • Keep yourself abreast of issues, trends, and possibilities that can affect your business

If you start taking interest in the mentioned areas, hotel management will very soon become an exciting and a challenging career for you. Also, you will be provided with many opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as social interaction.

Pay scale

The annual salary of a hotel manager varies with years of experience, caliber and performance of the employee. Also the location, size and a category of a hotel dominate the remuneration schemes. Hotel managers in some countries or in small businesses can expect a modest salary, while in urban areas or in very large/ luxury hotels, salaries may be generous. According to, the median expected annual pay for a typical Hotel Manager in the United States as of April 2014 is $97,583. In the UK, the average pay for general managers can range from £21,000 to £55,000.

Other career options

Employment opportunities can also be found in accommodation and tourism businesses, such as resorts, health farms, cruise ships, inns or motels. Alternatively, you may apply for teaching jobs in hospitality or hotel management.

While hotel industry offers you really exciting and challenging careers for both personal and professional growth but as a part of hotel industry, you should be prepared for long working hours and occasional unhappy, irate guests. You might also be relocated if you are working with a hotel that has chains across the nation or worldwide.