Career Decoder: Which One Are You?

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Have you ever wondered which career is ideal for you? When you had to make that important decision as a teenager, you must have been spoiled for choice. So, how did you come to your decision and how did you know it was the right one? The answer is that you didn’t. In fact, you still don’t.

The truth is that you’re never going to know for certain that the career you have chosen is the one you are supposed to pursue, and the one thing that they – parents and career advisors – don’t tell you is that you will be constantly working towards its development. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, simply because that’s not the only job you can do. But learning a thing or two about yourself and essentially becoming more aware of yourself will help you explore the different types of jobs that best suit you in terms of not only your skills but also your strengths and interests.

CareerHMO has prepared the Career Decoder quiz which helps you discover all you need to know about your professional self, otherwise known as your workplace persona, and explore your true professional potential. Using 20 would you rather-style questions, the test can help you understand your strengths as well as the value you can bring to an employer. The best thing about it is that it’s easy and free!

So, what is your workplace persona? Find out below!

1. The mentor

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As a mentor, you are an individual who guides and inspires other people. Your incredible coaching skills can help others realise their own true potential and develop their skills. Essentially, you find joy in helping them as well as sharing your knowledge and experience. That’s why you are often considered to be highly patient as well as a leader who never fails to empower those around him.

2. The researcher

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As a researcher, you know where to find the information you or your team needs, and you are very careful when it comes to your work. You are the person who collects and analyses the information which you then present to the rest of the team. As a detailed-oriented person, other people trust that you will bring to the table the kind of information they need and help them make excellent business decisions. You are most likely to enjoy working through a system that is well organised and consistent.

3. The warrior

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If there is one thing the warrior will never do, it’s giving up. And that’s because you are someone who is not afraid of the challenges that come your way, and you are more than willing to help out others when they really need it. You are a volunteer and the one who is more likely to go the extra mile. What characterises you the most is your passion and dedication to the purpose which helps you get through the hard times.

4. The superconnector

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Scoring high in the superconnector persona means that you are a person with a massive network of professional contacts. You know many people and keep in touch with them whether these are your friends or your colleagues. Your biggest strength is your ability to identify key people and bring them into a team. In fact, you bring strangers together and help them achieve their goals. You are a friendly yet persuasive individual who has a strong influence on others.

5. The educator

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As an educator, meanwhile, you are the person who brings everything to the table so that others can learn. You are the one who ensures everyone is on the same page since your coordination and communication skills are your biggest strengths. Your ability to take control of an idea and communicate this to the rest of the team is crucial in the workplace. You think of yourself as the team’s encouraging and motivating force.

6. The builder

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You are the person who promises something and always gets it done; you take the initiative and act on the plan. You are an excellent multitasker and you know how to manage things all at once as well as delegate. Other people trust that you can do anything that you put your mind on and your confidence encourages them to follow in your footsteps.

7. The optimiser

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As an optimizer, you know how to improve the way things work so that everything runs smoother and efficiently. In fact, you are the can-do man or woman who strives for productivity and makes the impossible possible as you try to make processes in the workplace better, quicker, and easier. This means that you know what is in your best interests as well as those of the company’s, and you are the person others can count on when they need to make financial decisions.

8. The visionary

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If your highest score is in the visionary persona, then it means that you are a creative and resourceful individual. You often see things others cannot as you see and experience the world through different lenses. Essentially, you have the ability to look at the bigger picture while adhering to a unique way of thinking. As part of a team, you are the member who can solve the trickiest of problems and identify solutions through out-of-the-box thinking.

Everyone has their place in this world, and discovering your potential will help you find where you are good at.

So, do you want help with finding yours? Why not take the CareerHMO’s quiz to figure out where your strengths rest? At the end of the test, your different personas will be assessed from highest to lowest. After you’ve completed the test, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below as well as how it has helped you within your role or career!