Cute Kids That Conquered the World of Business

When you see think of a millionaire, no doubt you envision either a heavily-mustachioed oil tycoon, a bespectacled business whiz, or a fresh-faced tech genius like Zuckerberg.

Wouldn't it surprise you to know that many of the most successful people in the world still are underage? Here are a few of the cute kids that made a difference, conquering the world of business even before they got their High School diplomas:

Kelly Reinhart

TPak International receives roughly $1 million in orders every year, but it started out as the Thigh Pack 0 a creation of young Miss Reinhart. The Thigh Pack was a simple holster that allowed children to carry around all of the basic necessities they'd need at school and at home, and she designed it at the age of six. By age nine, her company had become hugely successful - even going so far as to move into talks with the Pentagon for the purpose of designing the packs for military use.  Image Source


Jason O'Neill


What started out as simple handmade pencil toppers has turned into a hugely successful company called Pencil Bugs, run by the boy who came up with the creation at the age of 9. He has begun to expand his Pencil Bug empire to include T-shirts and bookmarks, and plans to make a board game, movie, and video game in the future. Forbes placed this young mind on the list of the Top 10 Role Models 18 & Under.

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Evan and Elise Macmillan

They say two minds are better than one, and that's the case with these siblings. They founded The Chocolate Farm together, using a recipe passed down by their grandmother. The company was founded when they were ages 12 and 10 respectively, and their fortunes have passed the $1 million mark thanks to the fact that everyone loves chocolate, but everyone loves it more when the chocolate is shaped like farm animals!

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Jacob Dunnack

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What were you doing at the age of 6? Jacob Dunnack, owner and developer of the JD Batball, created the plastic baseball bat with storage room for baseballs at this ripe young age. His toy was so successful that it's now a staple in the Toys R' Us chain of children's toy stores.

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Cameron Johnson


It was obvious young Cameron was destined for entrepreneurial success when he launched a successful greeting card business at the age of 9. By the age of 12, he was earning top dollar on eBay as a Beanie Baby salesman. Finally, his real success came with the launch of SurfingPrizes, a website based on advertisements. The business was sold for more than $1 million by the time he had reached High School, and he created and sold another lucrative business before he left college.

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Ephren Taylor


He started out as a successful video game creator by the age of 12, and moved on to web design. By the time he reached the age of 17, his GoFerretGo job-posting website was highly successful, and had begun to earn millions of dollars. Currently, he is the CEO of City Capital Corporation - making him the youngest African-American CEO of a publicly traded company ever.

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Kind of makes you think, "Boy, I wasted my childhood on comic books and TV!" doesn't it? Good news: you can still be a highly successful entrepreneur like these young men and women! It all starts with a great idea - what's yours?!