How to Gain Work Experience Online for Free

It’s common for recent graduates like you to hear from companies that they are unable to hire you because you don’t have the experience. The most obvious response to that is: how can I gain experience if you won’t hire me? This is where you have to take matters into your own hands.

The Internet has offered us a plethora of employment opportunities, whether full-time or on a freelance basis. Everything from writing to editing, from designing to producing, the web has given us a wide variety of avenues to learn new skills, gain experience and/or earn money.

For millennials today, and even seniors who have a desire to learn new skills, it’s up to them to garner work experience. This can be accomplished online for free without having to spend a substantial amount of money or even leave your home office and spend money on transit. If you take these endeavors seriously, then there is no way a business can turn you away for a paucity of experience.

Here are five ways to gain work experience online for free:

1. Write up a storm

Whether it’s launching your own blog or publishing for others, you can write articles that are related to your field. For instance, if you’re involved in web development, then you can write about the latest WordPress plugins. Or, if you’re a journalism graduate, then you can opine on matters related to media, pop culture, and the state of newspapers. Whatever you do, you should write up a storm to show off your vast knowledge.

2. Perform some beta testing

Companies need beta testers. By taking on beta testers, they can find out what has worked best, what needs improvement, what should be deleted, and what must be added. This can consist of websites, products, and mobile apps. After several projects, you can identify yourself as a professional beta tester, and firms will view this as an asset.

3. Film instructional videos online

Are you a wordsmith? Do you have an incredible acumen for photography? Have you spent endless nights perfecting mathematical equations? Well, why not take advantage of YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, and record instructional videos? This provides you with a wider audience and the potential to woo employers with your astute behavior. Be sure to use high quality video and audio, and always, always be professional in the video and in comments section.

4. Showcase your skills and expertise

Akin to recording instructional videos, one way to gain work experience online is to showcase your skills and expertise. This can come in the form of designing social media pages on Facebook or Twitter; designing graphics for websites, blogs and private firms; or editing YouTube videos. Whatever the case, the best way to gain work experience is to show off your knowledge in a clear and direct manner.

5. Turn your brand into a venture

Everyone is essentially their own brand. And what do you do with a brand? You act like it’s a business. This is done by having a marketing strategy, a business plan, human capital, and certain skills that others (the competition) may lack. If you take your own brand seriously and incorporate website development, social media marketing and audience engagement into your daily routine, then this is the kind of experience that businesses yearn for. It also suggests determination, perseverance, and the ability to work independently.

Studies have shown that millennials want to be regularly given feedback on their work. This has irked many employers, according to those same surveys. By implementing the aforementioned into your regimen, you not only gain experience but also garner the skill to learn something on your own, work independently, and adapt to any situation fast. It turns out employers would appreciate this.