How Cold Showers Can Boost Your Productivity

What is the first thought that pops in your head after the alarm jolts you awake? For many, it is the dread of yet another work day. For others, it is the inability to function until the first round of morning coffee. Is there a way to start your morning off on a better, healthier note? Yes! There is a method to avoid these negative thoughts and the caffeine dependence: cold showers. Before the ancient Greeks invented a method of heating water, nobody ever dreamed of hot baths. Even when hot water became available, many Greeks still utilized cold showers for its therapeutic benefits. Read on to find out how morning cold showers can boost your work productivity and help you live a happier, more efficient life.

Enhanced Alertness and Mood

There’s nothing like the drastic change in temperature to pull your body out of its groggy stupor in the morning. The cold jet of water immediately starts absorbing your body’s heat, which sets many physiological changes in motion. To compensate for the heat loss, the heart thrusts into overdrive and starts furiously pumping blood to the rest of the body. You will notice your heart rate increase--and in turn, your alertness as well. Moreover, studies have shown that cold showers can relieve depression. Nerve endings all across your body immediately trigger your brain, mimicking an anti-depressive pathway. This cold shock is not only a good workout for your cardiovascular system, but also jolts your body awake like no cup of coffee can.

Fat Loss

Cold showers will not only make you feel alive and ready to take on the day ahead, but it can also burn fat. The icy-cold temperature increases the body’s metabolism and also results in elevated production of brown fat. This type of fat, typically found in larger amounts in those who acclimate to colder temperatures, have been shown to burn more energy and generate more heat. Brown fat has also been linked with slowing down aging and reducing the risk of degenerative diseases. The health benefits of cold showers are numerous.

Boosted Immune System

Cold showers can even prevent you from missing days at the office. An enormous amount of evidence has linked cold showers to a decreased chance of developing colds, flus, and cancer, due to an increase in virus-fighting white blood cells. There is also an observed lower amount of uric acid present in those who regularly take cold showers. High levels of uric acid are associated with heart disease, hypertension, and a multitude of other diseases. You can keep your immune system strong--and diseases at bay--by taking cold showers.

Improved Stress Tolerance

Everybody has those days when the universe just seems to be frowning upon them. Cold showers can decrease the likelihood of these “bad days” from occurring by teaching your body how to properly react to stress. Most humans respond to a stressful situation by feeling an influx of emotions. Cold showers mimic these stressful situations, with stress hormones such as adrenaline and thyroxine being released throughout your body. But repeated stress stimulation will teach your body to start habituating to stressors and stop developing strong emotional responses. Next time you have an important project or presentation looming, you will be ready to handle the stress with cold shower therapy.

Cold showers require determination and dedication in order for you to reap the numerous benefits, which can ultimately enhance your work productivity and overall happiness. If you are willing to put in the time, cold shower therapy will help you live a happier and more productive life.