How Effective is Working 8 Hours per day? [Infographic]

Every day you get 8 hours to work, 8 hours for entertainment and 8 hours for rest. Well, at least this is what you’ve been told. Considering how modern society works, though, this division may not be as helpful as you thought. Modern life and working methods are making this method of working more and more outdated and unproductive.

This infographic from Podio explains how the 8-hour working schedule came to prominence and discusses how it fits into your daily routine. It also explains how the most effective method of working may not be working longer, but instead working when you are most productive. To aid you in this, the infographic provides three alternative working patterns that allow you to work less, but work smarter: The Pomodoro technique, 15 minute breaks and 90 minute windows.

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So what do you think? Do we really need to work 8 hours per day? Please leave your comments below…