How to Know You've Chosen the Right Career

Choosing the right career is an aspect of our lives that most people seek and don’t often find. If you’re a student fresh out of college, you’re more likely to accept the first job offer that pays well, regardless of whether or not the work is your life’s calling. So you’re sitting at your new desk in your new office wondering if you’ve found your dream career--here’s how to know.

If the career is right for you, you enjoy doing the work

Even if it isn’t the most important work to the company, the work you’re doing is important to you and you find it interesting. It may not be that challenging, but you enjoy it and don’t mind if it’s something you have to do every day. 

You love it, even when it’s hard

It’s impossible to tell whether or not a career is perfect for you on the first day, or even in the first month. It takes a lot of time to see the ins and outs of a company and career. You certainly won’t see all of the pros and cons right away.

However, you’re excited to learn and to spend time at work, and you enjoy coming in every day. You may not have the best days at work, but you’re glad you didn’t call in sick and you’re ready to do your best.

You don’t take too many sick days, but vacations are always welcome

People who enjoy their careers are a lot less likely to call in sick, but everyone loves (and needs) a good vacation. If you truly love your career and think it’s perfect for you, you won’t find yourself lying in bed debating whether or not to play hooky, and calling in sick isn’t as fun as it would be otherwise.

That said, you’re ready to take vacations when you know you need a break--but you come back feeling refreshed and recharged, ready to take on challenges.

You’re excited about growth and you’re not looking around

Many professionals use their current position as a stepping stone into a better place. However, while you may look for positions that offer better pay, if you love your job, you’re looking more towards opportunities for growth within your company or specific chain of command. You’re not constantly looking for the next big thing.

There are many ways to tell whether a career is perfect for you; but only time will truly tell. If you’ve just accepted your first job offer and are confident that you’ve found the perfect career, you may find later on that you hate the way a company works internally; if you just accepted a job that you only took for the great pay, you may find in time that you love what you do.

If you’ve been in your position if a while now, the points outlined above are some of the key ways to tell whether or not you think your career is a perfect fit; however, chances are you already know if you could happily do your job for the next couple of decades.


Careers and employability by University of Nottingham via Flickr