How to Make a Big Splash in the World as a Waterslide Tester

How to Make a Big Splash in the World as a Waterslide Tester

Do you love water? Do you love summer, when you can hit the beach and the waves? Then do we have a job for you! Welcome to the world of waterslide testing!

How to Become a Waterslide Tester

It seems like something unreal – getting paid to test out waterslides. But it’s a real job.  After all, resorts rely on people to give their honest opinions about the waterslides. 

Introduction to Testing Waterslides

As the name implies, someone who tests waterslides visits the water parks that are owned by their employer and then test out the newest waterslides.  Depending on which company they work for, a tester might receive a short term contract, with an allowance for travel and a salary. When First Choice advertised for their tester for the 2013 season, there were many applicants for the job.  It was eventually awarded to Seb Smith, a college student, in April of 2013.

Job Overview of a Waterslide Tester

This job involves traveling to locations of water parks around the world and testing out the waterslides by sliding on them. The tester then needs to give it an overall rating.  For the tester hired by First Choice, the person is requested to rate the slides based the adrenaline and biggest splash.  The person then needs to share his or her opinions on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Because the tester needs to rate the performance of the waterslide, they often need to ride it a few times so that they are able to experience them fully and give them a rating.  They will also need to watch for any possible safety problems and give the company a full report. The tester is also required to travel extensively to international locations. Individuals who applied for the First Choice job needed to travel to countries like Egypt and turkey.

Education Requirements for a Waterslide Tester

Since this job only requires an individual to ride waterslides and rate them, there aren’t any special requirements for education. However, there are companies who look for college students to fill the position because they have a more flexible schedule and they’re able to travel.  Many times the companies look for testers who have reached adulthood, so that they don’t have to travel with adult supervision.

When First Choice is searching for a waterslide tester, they ask that applicants are in the age range of 18-30. They also request that they put a video CV on the company’s corporate website, detailing why they’d be the right person for the position.

Waterslide Tester Training

Because this job doesn’t require someone to have special education, all training’s done during the job.  First Choice, the very first company to hire testers, wants their tester to tell everyone about their experience on social media. In short, the person must be familiar with Facebook and Twitter.  It’s also essential that they are comfortable wearing bathing suits and being out in the sun a lot.


The average salary for a waterslide tester is $32,000. 


Think this sounds like your dream job? Go to the First Choice website and maybe next year you can become a waterslide tester.