Omg... Lost Golf Balls Can Earn You Money

Omg... Lost Golf Balls Can Earn You Money

As a kid, you probably get a kick out of finding lost things. As an adult, you get so much more than just kicks; you can earn money as well. A lot of individuals who have spare time in their hands find that collecting and selling lost golf balls can earn you money. Life coach expert David Hay Jones even interviewed a professional golf ball hawk named Jeff and joined him in his daily routine of golf hawking. Are you up to the adventure of hunting lost golf balls yourself and making money out of this activity?

How to do it

Earning money from lost golf balls seem pretty straightforward since all you need to do is look for the balls and sell them. However, as simple as the concept may be, there are steps that you need to do in order to ensure that you maximize your profits. So lets take a few leaves out of the book of Jeff and his routine to make some hefty cash.

  • Going to golf courses.

This step sounds pretty simple since locating a golf course in your area would be easy. However, barging in on a golf course to collect lost balls is unacceptable and may get you in trouble. It is always best to get permission first.

This way, you can collect golf balls without worries. Also, you can get exclusive rights to collect lost golf balls if you are able to establish a lasting and positive relationship with the golf course. The best way to strike a relationship is to give the golf course a percentage of the sales you make so you will be able to get exclusive rights to collect the lost balls.

  • Use the right tools.

Mostly golf balls would get lost in the woods or water hazards. For the water hazards, you’ll need a ball retriever to make it a lot easier. Some people would opt to search for the balls more proactively by putting on a dive suit to get the balls by hand. However, if you don’t want to go the extra mile, using a ball retriever would be sufficient.

  • Finding the proper channel to sell the lost balls.

You have the option to either sell the lost balls directly or sell them to a golf ball recycling company. If you don’t want to go through the lengthy process of selling the balls yourself, you can quickly sell the balls to a golf ball recycling company.

They usually buy balls in bulk so you don’t have to worry that they would not accept some of the balls you are selling. Although the margin may be small, it is the easiest way to get rid of golf balls and can still get you around $50 to $100 a week for around 500 balls.

You can choose to sell the balls yourself though. Selling them online is the most popular choice because it can easily be accessed by a lot of people. It also does away with normal selling expenses. You will need to give the balls some tender loving care to bring them back to their former glory thus making them more appealing to buyers.

This would require washing, wiping and polishing the balls. You may also want to segregate and categorize the balls by brand and condition so you can price them accordingly.

Earning money from something that you can enjoy is always welcome. You get plenty of exercise and sunshine when you are out looking for golf balls. Since you don’t have a lot of money invested in your little hobby, you don’t have to feel pressured about reaching a quota. Looking for lost golf balls is not bereft of hazards though. Some areas may have more presence of snakes and alligators so you may want to scout the area first before you take on your search for lost golf balls.

But then, you would actually be doing Mother Nature a huge favor by helping the world go green. According to New York Times, lost golf balls in the US are estimated to reach around 300 million annually. With that much of lost golf balls lying around undiscovered, there may be some adverse effect in the future. So consider it a social service and earn the easy way by looking for lost golf balls.

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