How to Stop Working Like a Robot

Have you become robotic in the workplace? Are you dragging yourself to work each morning with no sense of excitement because it’s just another day at the office? You’re operating on autopilot and have seriously checked out on your job. No matter what you do, your heart just is not in your job anymore. Passion has simmered down. Motivation has left you. Deep inside you only feel like a number—a nameless individual and upper management doesn’t even know your name.

Ok, so if you work in a factory, maybe you need to channel your inner robot. However, if you work in an office setting, being robotic is counterproductive. Before you get any crazy ideas, causing complete chaos and having office parties all day is not being advocated. But, if you want to stop working like a robot, you need to think more like a human and stay motivated. Find your inner uniqueness again. What are you passionate about? Become more tolerant and embrace the ideas of others. Don’t be afraid of being more open to creativity by brainstorming new ideas. Shake up your life and challenge your daily routine.

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1. Let Your Uniqueness Shine

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We’re all unique. We have names; not identification numbers stamped on our foreheads. In case you haven’t yet become acquainted with your flaws, you have them. You’re not perfect. Yet, we have so many good qualities too. Working like a robot hinders your own uniqueness from shining through. Mindlessly trudging through the workday like a robot won’t give you any opportunities to let loose and simply have fun.

Enjoy the fact that you like funky music and work better when listening to your favorite tunes during the day. Get that unique haircut you’ve been too scared to try because you’ve been afraid to stand out. Wear clothing that is uniquely your style. Of course, you need to be professional and can’t come practically naked to work. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a healthy balance between showing your unique side and living within the bounds of what’s accepted at the office.

Being free to be you will give you freedom from the robotic mindset. When you can dress and behave with more freedom, your work performance will improve. You’ll actually start to enjoy coming to work, even if at first it’s only to show off your new unique look! Who cares? You’re getting yourself to work, with a positive attitude that is free from the robotic mindset that has held you captive.

2. Embrace the Ideas of Others

So, we’ve already established that robots have been programmed to operate a certain way. Have you been programmed to work a certain way in the office? Do you have the ability to step outside your comfort zone and embrace the ideas of others? Maybe you’ve been programmed to sit down, be quiet and let everyone do their job. Ok, those sound like good instructions on the surface. But, how can you develop a cohesive teamwork atmosphere if you are never permitted to mingle with your colleagues. It’s as if all the robots have been designated to their work stations and are banned from interacting with fellow robots. Maybe their creators are afraid if they connect with each other, they’d cause an A.I. revolution.

Have you ever felt that way in the workplace? Maybe you’ve been assigned to your specific workstation and aren’t permitted to roam free and mingle with colleagues. Sure, too much freedom can hinder productivity, but a lack of freedom can be even worse. If you want to stop working like a robot, start embracing the ideas of your colleagues. Don’t think that you are omnipotent and can calculate any and all types of problematic situations and find the best solutions. Sometimes it takes great minds thinking alike to get the job done. Other times, it takes the same great minds to think differently.

You may need to connect with other people to be more productive and make a positive difference in the workplace. Maybe your manager doesn’t promote teamwork and networking within the office. So, stop thinking like a robot and take a chance. Ask your manager to allow you and your co-workers to mingle more often in a teamwork environment so that you all can benefit from each other’s ideas and perspectives.

Robots think like they’re programmed to. Unless you believe in the rise of A.I. and the eventual overthrow of mankind like in the Terminator, robots can’t think outside the box like the human brain by tapping into the creative side. You can stop working like a robot by practicing brainstorming techniques. Spend time each day resting your brain from the robotic tasks you need to do and become more mindful of your surroundings.

Tap into your creativity and brainstorm ways to become more effective in your daily job. Work with some colleagues in your department to practice effective brainstorming techniques. Get together before or after work or during your lunch break to be free to think more creatively. When you stop focusing on work and your to do list, you give your mind time to breathe and get creative. You never know what types of ideas you can think of when you stop working like a robot and begin brainstorming.

3. Challenge Your Daily Routine

Robots have a specific job to do. They’re following the way they were programmed. Again, unless the robot suddenly became more human, they wouldn’t break free from their programmed task to go out to lunch or do something fun. Can you just imagine a group of robots suddenly deciding to go to the beach to hang out and sunbathe? Not gonna happen, unless you’re living inside a sci-fi novel. Have you gotten into a rut at work where you simply follow your program and don’t know how to challenge your daily routine?

You can become less robotic by spicing things up. Change your daily routine in some way. Even doing something as simple as changing up where you go to lunch each day can bring some pep back into your step. Use time blocking to schedule one to two hour blocks where you do specific work, such as only checking emails or making calls. Mess with that schedule during the week. Make every day completely different or at least change up the routine for a few hours each day.

Creativity is so important in being more productive in the workplace. Stop being so robotic and let your unique qualities shine through. Be proactive in embracing the ideas of others. Tap into your creative side by brainstorming so you can begin to think outside the box. Mess with your daily routine. It can make you more productive and less robotic.

Do you feel like a robot in your job?