The Seven Levels of Energy Leadership. What Energetic Level are you?

Energy is deemed as a powerful force in life that can shape individuals into great leaders if accessed, understood and harnessed properly. Having read Bruce D. Schneider’s book Energy Leadership, I got to know that energy is an integral part of leadership that we should focus on to put our performance, our career and our life on the fast track to success. Knowing how to manage our energy to make it work for us is critical for our development.

According to Schneider, there are seven levels of energy than an individual can operate on.  Each level of energy determines your success. The more you have; the more efficient, functional and influential you’ll be.

Here are the seven levels of energy and a description of how individuals operate at each level:

Level 1 & 2

An individual operating at level 1 and 2 (The first circle of Awareness) tends to feel and act victimised, apathetic and generally uncaring. They blame others when things go wrong and also start to forgive others, as they begin to let the ‘blame game’ subside.

Level 3

At level 3, you’re willing to work with people you like and tolerate those you don’t like. This in turn will result in cooperation.

Level 4

At level 4, judgment, anger, guilt, resentment and other self-directed thoughts and feelings begin to fade and are replaced by a genuine desire to help others. The basic thought when operating at this level is concern, which leads to compassion and service. At this level, you no longer take words or actions personally and you don’t also waste time worrying about what others may have done to you. Instead you consider what each person’s current problem may be, and how you might help fixing it.

Level 5

At level 5, you tend to reconcile differences instead of identifying and focusing on them. Because of this attitude, you feel inner peace which leads to acceptance. In addition to this, you always have the power to make choices that are driven by confidence. Schneider argues that many entrepreneurs and potential leaders have a lot of level 5 energy but are not sure how to tap into it consistently, usually because of doubt and fear.

Level 6 & 7

Within the last circles of awareness are levels 6 and 7. Within this realm, you actually transcend your ego. You succeed in becoming one with everything. This is your highest frequency of energy by far, and it can lead to remarkable breakthroughs and results.

Level 6 is the stage of synthesis. You can define this process as combining separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole. When you are able to generate this whole, you experience both joy and wisdom, which is based on a deep sense of knowing, linked to your intuition. When you use your intuition, you tap into your true genius.

Finally, when you reach level 7, you completely leave judging behind. You are flooded with absolute passion for all life’s experiences and are able to tap your talent for being deeply creative. You have now touched the core of who you really are. At this level, you have the potential to manifest almost everything into your life in an instant.

How to ‘Watch’ Energy?

There are three primary ways to assess energy to see what level someone is registering:

1. Visual

Observe facial and body expressions to see how much and what type of energy the person is showing.

2. Auditory

Listen carefully to the person’s tone of voice, volume, word emphasis and silences. Also listen for intentions behind words spoken.

3. Intuitive

Use any of your senses to detect clues about energy that aren’t readily obvious.

All in all, Schneider strongly supports that energy is the key to success and harnessing it properly will bring about positive change in any person and organisation. This alternative approach to leadership and management sees the concept of energy as a vital element that can be controlled and aimed for one’s own purposes. The higher level individuals aim for, the more effective they will be as leaders.