The Worst Workplace Personalities [Infographic]

Almost everyone has experienced what it’s like to be working with an annoying coworker or at least has seen what they look like on TV! In case you haven’t, this infographic from At Task presents the 9 most despised work personalities that exist and helps you identify these people at work. While it stereotypes certain personalities, it doesn’t fail to provide you with the truth about their key characteristics.

Since this infographic aims to help you become familiar with such personalities, you should learn how to identify and ultimately avoid dealing with these people!

Here are the 9 most despised workplace personalities you will ever meet:

  1. The Loner – known as the snobby antisocial person.
  2. The Slacker – the person who never get things done.
  3. The Oversharer – the person who overshares intimate details about their life.
  4. The Excessive Emailer – the person who loves sending emails using CC and Reply to All.
  5. The Naysayer – the one who always complains about suggestions for solutions.
  6. The Butt Kisser – the one who agrees to everything to impress the boss.
  7. The Black Hole – the person who always has feedback to give in meetings.
  8. The Tool – the person who is constantly talking about himself.
  9. The Contrarian – the person who always finds ways to contradict what you say.

Check out this infographic to learn more about the characteristics of each work personality type and how to identify them at work!