Think Your Job Stinks? It's Surely Not as Scent-sational as that of an Odor Judge!

Do you think your job stinks? I guarantee that your job doesn’t stink half as much as these jobs below. These jobs are for people whose nose really knows when something is rotten in the workplace. These jobs are for people who are odor judges. 

Introduction to the smelliest profession in the world

People who have the nose that can smell dog poop from a mile away, or close to it, might want to put that nose to good work. People who have overly sensitive noses are able to make a living with that sensitive nose. Some of the employers include the people who produce things to eliminate, reduce, or mask odors. Below are some of the things that odor judges are called on to use their incredible sense of smell to sniff out.

Armpit sniffer

There are few things smellier than an armpit, and that is the reason why odor judges are so important. Some odor judges are hired as armpit sniffers and they work for the deodorant companies. They spend all day in a really hot room and may sniff as many as 60 armpits in a single hour. This helps them to determine how effective the deodorant is in controlling the stink. This kind of work requires the person to have a really good sniffer and to be willing to sniff another person’s armpit. 

Foot sniffer

Another smelly part of the body is the foot, and that is why so many companies create things like Odor Eaters for shoes. But just like with deodorant, someone has to smell shoes and feet to see whether or not they work.

Paper Towel Smeller

A lot of companies who make paper towels want the towels they make to be without any odor. This means that they don’t just make them to be without a scent but also making sure that they’re not developing scents prior to using, during using, or after it’s used. No matter what, they want their paper towels to have no odor at all.

Judging Halitosis

Someone who judges halitosis will use their nose to figure out how bad someone’s breath is. This means detecting those sulfides that often develop when there are problems like decay in the teeth or gum disease. Companies who make mouthwash often will employ the odor judges to determine how effective different formulas of mouthwash are. There are other types of tests, such as gas chromatography, that are much more accurate but also much more expensive.

So, the job can be pretty stinky.  Now that you know what the job entails, why don't we look at some other aspects of the job.

Career Outlook:

The good news is that the outlook for an odor judge is good.  There are products coming out which need testing all the time.  Consider all of the new deodorants and the new trash bags coming out that promise to mask smells.  Until the human sense of smell is effectively replicated, there will always be a need for odor judges.


Odor judges make approximately $19,000 - $52,000 a year.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an odor judge? If you have a great sense of smell, maybe you do. But many odor judges also have a degree in chemistry.  It all may depend on the company that is looking for an odor judge.

Before you sign up for this job, think about what is involved with the different jobs above. Yes, you might be lucky and get the job where you sniff the paper towels. But what if you are hired for sniffing armpits or looking for halitosis? Can you imagine yourself sniffing up to 60 armpits in an hour or smelling someone’s breath? If you have a strong sense of smell and a strong stomach, maybe this job is for you.

Next time you think to yourself or say, “My job really stinks”, think again. Then think about these jobs that actually do stink. Maybe then your job won’t seem so bad and, while it may not smell like roses, you’ll see it in a new light.

Photo source: Amusing Planet



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