Top 10 Kid Millionaires

You never know what could happen in life. For example, when these kid millionaires left their toys to create successful startups, they could never have imagined that they’d be worth millions today. These kids didn’t have celebrity parents, they weren’t born in riches, they just had brilliant ideas that landed them millions.  

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1. John Koon

Koon was only 16 when he started up his auto parts business Extreme Performance Motorsports. Reportedly now worth around $40 million, Koon also made his money by partnering with MTV to become a major supplier for the hit reality show Pimp My Ride. He has also created a fashion line with Young Jeezy.

2. Ashley Qualls

At 14 years old Ashley Qualls launched It was originally created to simply showcase her design work after studying HTML and when it first launched had no visitors. When Qualls began offering free custom Myspace layouts people began spreading the website by word of mouth. Soon it had enough traffic to allow Qualls to make money off advertising and eventually offers starting coming in from companies who wanted their ads on the website. Despite getting offered $1.5 million plus a car of her choice from one bidder in 2005 to buy the site, Qualls turned it down. It’s reported Qualls earns millions in advertising from the website and brought a $250,000 home in Southgate, Michigan in 2006 to prove it.

3. Cameron Johnson

Cameron Johnson’s parents were having a holiday party so they asked him to create their invitations. Little did they know this simple task would make Johnson a millionaire. The neighbours were so impressed by Johnson’s work that they began paying him to complete their own design jobs. By 11 years old Johnson had thousands of dollars from his own line of greeting cards called Cheers and Tears. Johnson took this money and created which made him around $1 million by the time he graduated from high school. At 19 he sold the company software and name but has held onto the customer database. What might his next million-dollar venture be?

4. Jordan Maron (Captain Sparklez)

Captain Sparklez

Jordan Maron launched his first YouTube channel ProsDontTalkSh** when he was just 18 years old. Posting videos that mainly focused on the Call of Duty games, he managed to create a partnership with However his fame didn’t really take off until he launched his new channel CaptainSparklez. Now mostly known for making song parodies and playing Minecraft, his millions of subscribers and billions of views have left him with a net worth of around $8.2 million.

5. Nick D’Aloisio

Nick D'Aloisio

Teaching himself how to create apps with only Internet how-to videos and a Dummies book, he began developing apps at the age of 12 when school was out. When he hit 15 Nick D’Aloisio developed an app known as Trimit which was able to summarise long articles down to short pieces between 140 and 1000 characters. A Hong Kong billionaire gave D’Aloisio $300,000 to invest in perfecting the app. Using this money, D’Aloisio reworked the app which is now called Summly and was bought by Yahoo! for $30 million. Yahoo! also gave D’Aloisio a position in their company.

6. Tim Sykes

Gathering up all the money he got from his bar mitzvah Tim Sykes made his first investment with it. This young stock investor had made $1.5 million by the time he was 21. As well as being a rich and famous investor, Sykes now also does talks and speeches to help others try and make their millions.

7. Julieth Brindak (Miss O’ Dough)

Julieth Brindak

Julieth Brindak was only 10 when she started drawing a group of girl characters called ’cool girls’. The primary character was Miss O, and when she was 16 Brindak created a social networking website for teens called ’Miss O & Friends’, with the help of her mother’s and father’s graphic design and business skills. They used the original drawings for inspiration to develop the website. With around 10 million people visiting the website each month, it’s estimated that the website is now worth around $15 million.

8. Robert Nay

At 14 Robert Nay taught himself about how to write code by reading extensively at the library. Soon Nay had created his own app called Bubble Ball which was released for free by Apple. Two weeks after its release the app had been downloaded millions of times and was soon more popular than Angry Birds. Those two weeks made Robert $2 million.

9. Farrah Gray

Farrah Gray

Farrah Gray was only six when he first started selling body lotion. At age 13 he founded his now million-dollar business Farr-Out Food. By age 14 the company had had around $1.5 million.

10. Sean Belnick

When Sean Belnick was 14 years old he created a website that allowed people to sell things online. With only $600 to split between advertising and web hosting, he started off selling small items such as Pokemon cards. He then stepped things up by selling bigger items like furniture on his new website which made him around $24 million dollars by the time he was just 24.

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What these million dollar making kids can teach us is that anything we dream is truly possible as long as we are creative and innovative.




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