Top 5 Jobs for a Sociology Major

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So, are you a sociologist? You spend years in academic training, learning about society and its behaviors, looking at statics for trends in variables and culture. It’s an infinitely interesting field of study but other than pursuing a career in academic research what other jobs can someone with a sociology major do?  

Here is a list of the top five jobs someone with a sociology major can do:

1. Social work

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A rose by any other name, right? Well, the immediate choice for a sociologist that has foregone the academic career route is social work which has many offshoots and specialties. One of the most popular segments of social work is case management and administration. Both of these fields are extremely rewarding as you often help people in crisis and help resolve situations that put people and dependents (children) at risk. There are private non-for-profit and government agencies that deal with the welfare of at risk individuals. Be warned though that it can be an extremely emotionally draining job, especially in cases in which the welfare of a child comes into play and the child has to be taken into state custody.

2. Medical industry


Many health care services employ graduates with sociology majors to help with admissions, addict support/therapy and family planning. Much like the previous job, these services are offered by both government institutions and NGO’s to assist high-risk people within their respective communities. With certain certifications a sociologist can also be employed in the healthcare services as an insurance clerk who is charged with keeping patients’ files up-to-date and author invoices for services. An added benefit of the healthcare industry is it’s constantly expanding and frequently hiring.

3. Charity work

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Beyond social work another way you can contribute to the welfare of disadvantaged individuals is by engaging in charity work. Again this is a field that has many different employment options, from the relative straight forward fundraising either in person or via telephones, advertising and promotion of the charitable organization’s work, advocacy and administration. No matter what the position you choose though, it’s extremely socially rewarding with an often immediate effect on people. Although breaking into Chartable work might necessitate a period of volunteering, you will soon reap both the emotional, social and financial rewards.

4. Law enforcement

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Parole officers are usually tasked with supervision and assisting the reintegration of individuals recently released from the criminal justice system. Usually, parole officers study either criminology or sociology and have to pass a standardized test, a background check and a few weeks of training (between 4 and 6 in most cases). Well-developed communication skills, ability to work under pressure and not being averse to working in dangerous environments are definitely requirements of the job.

5. Publishing


Due to the heavily theoretical nature of sociological studies, people that major in it develop a very good command of the written language. This skill can be used outside the field of sociology for example, in publishing- either as contracted or freelance, and work as writers, editors and researchers. You might even be able to find a publication to work with that specializes in sociology thus giving you the ability to exercise the full range of your knowledge.

Do you know of any other jobs that sociology majors can do? Let us know in the comment section below.