Top 5 Reasons Not to Become a Nurse

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Nursing has been on the top of the most in-demand job lists for the better part of the decade. As our population is growing older we need more facilities and more professionals to take care of them. Nurses are always in demand due simply to that fact that they spend the most time in the trenches not only administering treatments but also helping with general care (that includes wiping behinds). No matter how much a profession is in demand though, there are always deterring factors, here’s a list of five reason not to become a nurse.

 1. Even Mike Rowe Couldn’t Handle the Nastiness

For all non-Discovery channel watchers, Mike Rowe hosts a show called “Dirty Jobs” that follows Mike as he does the most unbelievably nasty and challenging professions imaginable. After 5 minutes of searching “the worse parts of Nursing” I had to create a drinking game to able to get through it. Basically, I thought of a bodily fluid and a body part. Let’s say ear and urine. If in the next five entries I found the not-so-magic combo making contact I drank. At the moment of writing this article, I can admit to drinking a full bottle of tequila and having started on my second. I’ll spare you the details let’s just say ejaculate and ‘any body part’ is a one of the most prevalent ‘winning’ combinations.

 2. It’s so Stressful You can Actually get PTSD

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that is mainly associated with combat veterans. Due to the things nurses are exposed to, the pace and critical nature of the work, many nurses have suffered a form of PTSD. In the medical profession circles it is actually called Burned Out Syndrome.


3. Doing Time

In addition to all the insanity of the profession, you can add ‘shift work’ as a further incentive (and when I say incentive I’m actually surprised you’re still reading, and haven’t run out of the room after lighting your computer on fire). People get hurt and sick all the time and medical professionals need to be there to take care of them. So don’t expect a normal nine to five, it’s more like a five to nine, no wait that’s just four hours, I mean a five to one.

4. The Highs and Lows

Nursing is ultimately about helping people and if you’re one of those weird altruistic humans helping probably gets your rocks off. BE WARNED!!! It’s not just about helping people though; sometimes you have to hurt them to help them. Sometimes you have to be tough, for example with someone that refuses to take their medicine. Other times you need to be tender, like when dealing with a child per se.

5. Holy Ham! That’s a lot of responsibility

ns at regulaIf you become a nurse you will be making life and death decisior intervals. It will be like you are holding back the Grim Reapers Scythe with the super-power of medical advancements. Responsibilities are not only restricted to that though, in many cases nurses need to coordinate with a team and make sure the treatment of patients are as explicit as possible. Add fatigue and weird hours to the mix and you have a “killer” combination! See I made a joke!…What do you mean it was in bad taste? How can I joke about a profession as sobering as nursing? FINE!


Are you a nurse and think that I have left anything out? Or maybe you want to praise the benefits of being a nurse? Well, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.