Top 5 Toxic Environments People Should NOT work in but they DO

Workers all over the world are employed by companies and governments that maintain toxic environments. Despite these atrocious and horrific working environments, employees simply acclimate and try to adapt without any complaints, especially in today’s tough labor market and immense competition among workers. 

Everyone has dealt with a terrible workplace at least once in their lives. From bullying to downright harassment, professionals have to live through it because they have bills to pay, there aren’t too many jobs available right now and they have to look after their families. Unfortunately, this can lead to an array of health issues, both physical and mental. 

Although this type of behavior - staying at a horrible place because of the money - may change because of the habits of the millennial generation. Millions of employees worldwide are sticking with it hoping - and perhaps praying - that it will improve soon. Whether it does get better or not remains to be seen.

"Nobody loves going to work all the time -- but there’s a difference between routine workplace hassles and a working environment that stresses you out to the point of illness," said Linda Durre, the author of "Surviving the Toxic Workplace," in an interview with Yahoo! News

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Here are five toxic environments that people should not work in but they do: 

1. Verbal Abuse 

Let’s face it: there are many fields that come with a great deal of pressure and stress. This may lead to yelling, cussing and overall verbal abuse if things aren’t performed correctly or assignments aren’t finished on time. It could be a manager, a co-worker or a consultant that yells out more profanities than a Martin Scorsese film, and these words could be directed to you. It doesn’t feel nice to be on the receiving end of such language.

2. Workplace Favoritism 

The boss absolutely adores a colleague of yours, or the manager has hired his nephew for a job. Workplace favoritism can happen at any office at any time in any place of the world. The boss may have been unpopular in school and now worships one of those popular kids who now are adults at work. When this happens, everyone else bears the brunt with more projects, bad attitudes and longer hours. The office favorite? They get to relax and do the menial tasks. 

3. Extreme Gossip 

Some adults never grow up and are still in that high school mentality. With this type of behavior comes the gossiping, rumors and perhaps even bullying. These people will start negative gossip about you and will ruin your reputation with lies. The office politics can be just too much. Arriving at work every day will feel similar to walking the green mile upon your execution.

4. Poor Leadership 

A great office is a reflection of the leaders. However, the leadership can oftentimes be immature and poor - how they got this position can befuddle many. The attributes of poor leadership can be participating in the gossip or workplace favoritism, maintaining dreadful communication skills, blaming others for their own mistakes and harassing employees. 

5. Physical Harm 

When one ponders physical danger at the office, the first thing that comes to mind is blue collar jobs. In fact, white collar employment opportunities can experience physical harm, too, such as inadequate air circulation, excessive air conditioning or heat and poor ergonomic workstations. 

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We spend around one-third of our day at work so it shouldn’t be an unpleasant time. We shouldn’t have to look at the clock every hour counting down until we return to our fortress of solitude. Toxic environments can hurt a company, and executives may be entirely unaware of this, which may be a good reason why you should schedule an appointment. 

"You can get an attorney or even hire a lawyer to write a letter merely threatening to sue, and you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to do it," Durre added. "If you are part of a union, let them handle it. If you are part of a professional organization, tell them about it and recommend that the offending party’s license be revoked." 

If you don’t have to work in a toxic environment then don’t. Leave. It’s as simple as that. Life is too short to work with jejune, hurtful and/or inept colleagues. You should be happy during those eight hours. 

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